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Rescue Dog Couldn’t Stop Wagging Her Tail At Her First Birthday Party In A Forever Home

Rescue Dog Couldn’t Stop Wagging Her Tail At Her First Birthday Party In A Forever Home

Almost every rescue dog has a dark life story that preceded a new beginning. Either the poor dog experienced neglect and abuse or its beloved human abandoned it when it needed him the most.

That’s why it is not easy for any dog like this to start over, even though it’s back in a warm home and surrounded by loved ones. One sweet Pit Bull named Rue also had a rough start when her parents brought her to a new home in Norwalk, Connecticut. 

However, as she was a comfort to them for their recently deceased Pittie, they showered her with a lot of love right from the start so they quickly became attached. 

Every day, their love grew stronger, but it all culminated when Rue celebrated her first birthday in her new home.

Trembles With Happiness

black dog with open mouth sitting on a couch
Source: @macrosbymel

March 17, 2024 was a special day for Mel and Damian, Rue’s parents. That date marked one year since she was first brought to her new home in Norwalk, Connecticut. 

That’s why they made an effort to make her especially happy that day, but they couldn’t have guessed themselves how much joy it would bring her. 

Her mom, Mel, recorded those special moments and she posted the video on her TikTok profile

@macrosbymel rue’s 5th birtnday 🥹🎂 we dont know her exact birthday, so we combined it with her gotcha day 🥰 wait til you see her presents 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾 #rue #ruesbirthday #ruetok #dogtok #rescuedog #ruetherescue ♬ original sound – Macros by Mel

The video, which lasts a little more than one minute, begins with the title: “Rues first birthday in her forever home,” while in the background, we can see Mom lighting a candle in the shape of the number 5. 

As they bring her favorite banana muffin topped with a candle, they sing the popular song, “Happy birthday to you.” At that moment, Rue appears with a sweet face full of excitement. 

The moment they put the muffin in front of her, Rue couldn’t hide her delight anymore, and the wagging of her tail turned into a dance of her entire body

black dog and cake
Source: @macrosbymel

With some difficulty, Rue finally managed to eat her sweet birthday present, and to the immense joy of her parents, celebrate the day she came into their lives and made them the happiest parents in the world. 

“Rue’s 5th birthday. “We don’t know her exact birthday, so we combined it with her gotcha day,” the video caption reads. 

young couple and black dog
Source: @macrosbymel

Regardless of the number of years, we hope that this little family will spend at least that many more together and experience such happy moments. 

Her Excitement Went Viral

Since Rue became a member of the family, Mel has posted tons of videos of her on her TikTok profile. However, this one was special because it was the symbol of all those happy moments with her throughout the year.

Because of this, the video quickly attracted a lot of attention and went viral. In the comment section, there was even one from the Google TikTok account that read: “marking this in our Google Calendar ASAP.”

There were also other comments from people who were moved by this special moment as well as Rue’s life story. 

tiktok comments
Source: @macrosbymel

“We’ll love you forever, our precious Rue got me like 😩😩😩🥺🥺🥺,” one user wrote.

Another one commented: “Rue didn’t need to make a wish. It had already come true ❤️❤️.”

Rue’s biggest wish came true exactly one year ago, and this was just a confirmation of the immense love she needed so much in her life.