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Pug Breeders & Adoption

If you’re thinking of buying or adopting a Pug puppy, this is the right place for you. As well as providing you with the best breeders and adoption centres around, we’ll teach you how to differentiate the good from the bad ones. 

pug looking at soap bubbles

Best Pug Breeders: How To Find A Pug Breeder You Can Trust

Use our list as a guide to finding yourself a reputable Pug breeder and to know which ones you should avoid!

two pug dogs standing on the wood

The Top 5 Most Reputable Pug Breeders In Ontario

These are five places where you can find the perfect new Pugster.

pug standing in sunlight

5 Of the Best Reputable Pug Breeders In Maine

The top five best Pug breeders and how you can choose an ethical and reputable breeder in your location.