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Newfoundland Breeders & Adoption 

Large, fluffy, and extremely affectionate, the Newfoundland dog has found itself on the most popular dogs list. It is no wonder that many paw lovers want to adopt this big fella. But, what are the best places to find a Newfoundland dog? We’re here to help you with your search for the most affectionate gentle giant!¬†

Newfoundland lies on the grass and rests

The 9 Best Newfoundland Dog Breeders In The United States

Searching for Newfoundland dogs in the United States? Here is a list of the very best Newfie breeders!

girl petting her newfoundland dog

Newfoundland Breeders In Ontario: Top 5 Picks

This is a network of people who are focused on preserving the breed and proving how amazing Newfies are!

black Newfoundland stands in the garden

8 Most Reputable Newfoundland Breeders In The UK

We have gathered a few responsible breeders. Cast an exe on our list!