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maltese breeders & adoption

Maltese puppies are highly popular choice when it comes to family pets. With out guide to the best breeders and rescue organizations, you’ll be able to find the perfect little pooch for you.

owner holding Maltese puppy

Maltese Breeders: A Guide To The Best Breeders And How To Find Them

How to find reputable and ethical breeders near you, with a list of the very best Maltese breeders in the USA.

cute maltese dog standing with bubbles

Top 5 Most Reputable Maltese Breeders In The UK

If you are looking for reputable Maltese breeders in the UK, then this is the best place for you! Here are five amazing breeders!

Maltese puppy in grass

Maltese Breeders In Ontario: Best 5 Breeders

Maltese breeders in Ontario don't come in a large number. There are only five good breeders in this province worthy of your time.

small maltese puppy standing in grass

Top 10 Best Maltese Rescues For Adoption In The U.S.!

Here are some of the best rescue organizations that put adorable Maltese pups up for adoption!

two teacup maltese dogs in a basket

Top 5 Teacup Maltese Breeders That You Can Trust

Here is the list of breeders who produce one of the most adorable teacup breeds in the world!