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havanese breeders & adoption

Havanese are small pooches with a giant heart that will love you unconditionally. Here you will find the best Havanese breeders that you can completely trust.

little havanese is sitting in a field of flowers

Havanese Breeders In The UK: 6 Breeders You Can Trust

Havanese breeders in the UK are only a handful of people who breed these sweet pups. Here are the top 6 breeders you can trust!

Top 9 Most Reputable Havanese Breeders In Ontario

These reputable Havanese breeders in Ontario will help you find the perfect Havanese companion you've been searching for!

havanese dog in nature

Top 6 Havanese Breeders In Ohio: Pupvine’s List

Havanese breeders in Ohio are a handful of chosen breeders with a focus on raising the finest examples of the Havanese breed.

white and black havanese dog lying in the green grass

9 Havanese Breeders In Florida: No Wrong Choice Here

9 Best Havanese dog breeders in Florida: for your eyes only! Only high-quality choices included.