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Corgi Breeders & Adoption 

Corgis are brilliant, whether Pembroke or Cardigan, and the Corgi mix breeds have their own quirks. These are the most reputable places where you can find your bob-tailed cutie! 

happy corgi standing on grass

The 7 Best Corgi Breeders In Arizona

Find your perfect Corgi companion that will suit you and your family!

a beautiful corgi sitting in the green grass

The 5 Most Reliable Corgi Breeders In Illinois

Here are the five best breeders that you can buy a healthy new Corgi puppy from.

corgi lying on grass

The Top 9 Reputable Corgi Breeders In Washington

These ethical Corgi breeders in strive to develop healthy, happy, and well-socialized Corgi dogs.

adorable welsh corgi dog lying outdoor

The 5 Best Corgi Breeders In Georgia

Here are the five best breeders that you can turn to in order to buy a new Corgi puppy.

cute corgi lying on the grass

The Top 7 Greatest Corgi Breeders In Pennsylvania

Find out more about their award-winning Corgi pups!

Two corgi dogs walking on a sand with their tongues out

Top 5 Corgi Breeders In North Carolina

Keep reading and find out who the top 5 Corgi breeders are!

Corgi runs across the field

The 4 Best Corgi Breeders In Massachusetts

Here are the four best breeders where you can buy a healthy new Corgi.

cute corgi outdoor sitting

The Top 8 Corgi Breeders In Virginia

Here are the best breeders where you can buy a cute Corgi!

a beautiful corgi sitting on the street

The 5 Best Corgi Breeders In Ohio

Here are five breeders you can turn to in order to find your new Corgi.

two corgis at the beach

Top 7 Corgi Breeders In Florida: Where To Find This Sweet Breed

These breeders are breeding very exceptional puppies ready to become your new cuddle buddies and best friends forever!

Corgi stands with tongue out

Corgi Breeders In California – 7 Best Places To Find Corgi Puppies For Sale

These reputable breeders are important for the betterment of the breed. Find them here!

woman holding a cute corgi puppy

Top 5 Corgi Breeders in Texas: Where To Find This Regal Breed

These breeders breed only quality puppies ready to become your valued family member and top-notch competitor.

corgi surrounded by autumn leaves

Top 6 Corgi Breeders In New York: Best Choices In The Empire State

Figure out which breeder will have the best Corgi puppy for you.

corgi standing on grass outside

Corgi Breeders In Michigan: The Top 4 Places To Get Your Corgi

The top five most reputable Corgi Breeders and why they are the ones to trust.

Pembroke welsh corgi puppy running

4 Best Corgi Breeders In Maine – Where To Buy Adorable Puppies

These breeders play an important role in making sure you get a high-quality dog. This is who they are.

pembroke welsh corgi

The 3 Most Reputable Corgi Breeders In Ontario

Do you live in Ontario and you want to buy a new Corgi? Here are the most reliable breeders.

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🐾 The 6 Best Corgi Rescues In Texas: Where To Adopt?