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6 Reasons Why Sharing A Bed With Your Dog Might Not Be A Good Idea

6 Reasons Why Sharing A Bed With Your Dog Might Not Be A Good Idea

All you dog fanciers who let their pets sleep in their beds – been there, done that. I used to love sharing my bed with my furry companion, but, my experience has taught me I shouldn’t do this.

Sleeping with your dog in your bed might not be so good for your health. First of all, it can worsen your allergies. According to a study by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, millions of Americans who have pet allergies still live with dogs.

However, allergies are not the only problem. 

Having a dog sleep with you obviously has some advantages, too, but, let’s first look at the 6 main reasons why your dog shouldn’t sleep with you.

What’s Wrong With My Dog Sleeping In My Bed?

So, I used to be a person that let her dog sleep in her bed. I am a different person now – I am peacefully sleeping in my bed, while my dog is equally happy sleeping in his own place.

So, what happened? What made me change my mind and kick my dog out of my bed?

Let me explain some of the main reasons why you also should get your dog his own bed.

1. Health Risks For Humans

dog sleeping with his owner in the bed

Having a dog in your bed is not only impractical, but it can also be dangerous for your health.

I never used to have problems with allergies, but I started to notice frequent sneezing and coughing in the period my dog slept in my bed. What was going on?

You don’t even have to be prone to allergies, but your pet’s fur can harbor dust and dirt that can cause breathing difficulties in humans. My dog always loved to spend time outside, and I accustomed him to spending as much time in fun activities outdoors as possible.

But, this also means that your dog will get seriously dirty. So, I would say that, if you have a dog similar to mine, it would not be a good idea to let him climb on your bed.

Furthermore, dogs can also have intestinal parasites that can be transmitted to people. You see, a basic thing such as sharing a bed with your furry friend can actually have serious consequences.

2. Think About Your Dog’s Health, Too

You might not have even thought about this, but sharing a bed with your dog can also be bad for the dog’s health, too.

If you have a young puppy, you should not start exercising him too early, especially giving him more intense types of exercise. 

Climbing on and jumping off higher surfaces, such as your bed, might negatively affect your puppy’s joint development.

Some adult dogs can also have joint issues, and sleeping in your bed can worsen this problem. Your dog will probably enjoy the routine of you two sleeping together, and he will not want to break it, although he would probably be a lot better lying on the floor.

Therefore, you should be the responsible dog owner and teach your dog to sleep in his own bed.

3. Your Dog Might Become Overprotective

man playing with dog in  the bed

Having a dog in your bed might make you feel protected and safe.

Actually, many people decide to have a dog so they will feel safer in their own homes. This is why big guard dogs, as well as small guard dogs, are so popular everywhere.

But, when a dog sleeps in his owner’s bed every night, this could make him become overprotective towards his owner.

Moreover, your dog might even become jealous of all other people you interact with. Some dogs could also show aggressive behavior towards their owners’ guests. 

I know dogs are our best friends. Still, I think we should all set some boundaries to them, and one of them would be separate sleeping places.

4. Lower Chance For A Good Night Sleep

Oh, there is one more thing I sure don’t miss from the time my dog slept in my bed. 

I don’t even want to remember all those times my dog woke me up, or moved in the bed, or hit me with his paw, which is very unpleasant while you are dreaming sweetly!

So, many dogs are restless at night, and this might be a nightmare for all dog owners. For me personally, nothing is worse than missing a good night’s sleep. This makes me less productive and moody all day long.

Take a look at this video of a woman sleeping with her three German Shepherds in her bed. It appears that these dogs feel the urge to protect their owner even while she is sleeping! 

Also, they call her to get up early in the morning to feed them and to play with them. I think we can all relate.

5. The Bad Smell

man sleeping with dog in the bed

I know there are dogs that are considered odorless dog breeds. If you have one of them – lucky you! But, let’s be honest and admit that even dogs that don’t smell will still not smell as good as us after a nice evening shower.

I am sure you take good care of your dog’s hygiene, and that you bathe your dog in accordance with the breed needs. But, I suppose you also know that frequent bathing is not recommended with any dog.

If you bathe your dog too often, you might disturb the natural balance of oils in his skin and fur. So, the chances are your dog is not fresh and clean every night.

Therefore, your bed sheets will probably smell even after one night your dog has slept on your bed. A bad smell coming from your dog will make you have to change your bed sheets way too often. 

If you are a cleaning freak like me, changing your bed sheet on a daily basis will soon start to be very annoying for you!

6. All That Dog Hairs

One of the least existing things about owning a dog is the shedding part.

There are some tricks to stop dog shedding, like regular brushing, or even adding some supplements to your dog’s diet.

Still, your dog will always shed, at least a bit. So, your bed will always be full of dog hairs. You might not have a problem with vacuuming your bed every day now, but, with time, you will get seriously sick of this.

If It Is So Bad… Why Do So Many People Sleep With Their Dogs?

man sleeping with his dog on the couch

I used to ask this question, too. I mean, when you look around, there are so many people who sleep with their dogs next to them.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine conducted a study, whose results showed that 46% percent of dog owners in the United States shared their beds with their dogs.

Hello, 46 percent! That is almost a half of all people who have dogs in their homes! So, what is so good about having a dog sleeping in our beds?

When I just started living with my dog, I wanted for us to establish a strong bond. This was realized very quickly, and it also resulted in my dog following me everywhere – even to my bed.

I noticed he felt more confident and safe while sleeping by my side. It also seemed like he trusted me more. 

At the same time, it also felt like his desire to protect me was increasing. So, I also started to feel more safe having my dog sleeping next to me.

Therefore, I completely understand all dog owners who are sharing their beds with their pets. But, I need to inform you that the strong bond with my dog did not go away when we started sleeping separately.

So, How Should I Get My Dog Out Of My Bed?

dog sleeping in crate

There are a few bad sides of having a dog in your bed – the potential health issues, the dirty sheets, the bad smell, and the dog’s behavioral problems.

So, I assume many of you now wonder: How to get my dog out of my bed, without harming him?

You just need to offer him an even better place to sleep.

How to do this? I have two magical words for you: crate training.

Your dog will probably not be the biggest crate fan at the beginning. Hearing your dog crying from his crate at night will also be hard for you, too.

But, there are some ways to make a crate your dog’s favorite place. The most important thing is to properly introduce your dog to his crate.

Let your dog smell the crate before he gets into it. You should put your dog’s pillow and blanket inside the crate. Put his favorite toy inside too to complete the comfy feeling.

Start with leaving your dog alone in the crate for 5 to 10 minutes. Stay by your dog’s side at the beginning. Try to extend the time your dog spends in the crate each day. Every time your dog stays calm in the crate, reward him with his favorite treat.

Eventually, your dog will get used to the crate and will be ready to spend the whole night sleeping in his own crate.

This is how you can have your bed for yourself again. Also, you shouldn’t worry that your dog will be angry about you keeping him out of your bed. Believe me; your relationship with your dog will stay as strong as it was.

You will still have a chance to enjoy plenty of activities together. And, both of you will be well rested and ready for a new adventure every day!


After I have been sleeping without my dog inside my bed for some time now, I can say without hesitation that this was a really good decision. 

I used to think that there are so many benefits of my dog sleeping next to me. Now I think that both me and my dog are more content since we sleep separately.

By sleeping separately, you will be doing a favor for both your own, and your dog’s health. Also, you will get a good night’s sleep, without worrying about bad smells and the dog hairs on your bed sheets.

To sum it all up – sleeping with a dog can be great, but, in this case, the negative sides refute the good ones.