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7 Reasons Why Dogs Lay On Your Feet

7 Reasons Why Dogs Lay On Your Feet

Dogs never fail to amaze us with their adorable actions when it comes to showing respect and love. One of the most common behaviors that many dog owners have likely noticed is their furry companions choosing to lie down or rest on their feet.

Many dog owners claim that their dog’s favorite place to relax is on their feet. We have listed 7 reasons why your dog might be doing this.

1. Finding Comfort In Your Presence

Dogs laying next to owner feets

Have you ever had the feeling of having your dog sit at your feet and lovingly stare up at you? One of the best feelings ever is this one.

It demonstrates your personal bond with your pet and their entire faith in you. You are their special person if they feel comfortable enough to rest close to you.

This special attention is a great sign of the close relationship you have with your pet.

By resting on your feet, your dog is signaling its trust and desire to be close to its beloved human, which creates a sense of comfort and safety.

2. Separation Anxiety In Dogs

When a dog feels anxious or worried, it could decide to sit or lay down at its owner’s feet. Breeds, including the Cocker Spaniel, the Bichon Frise, the Border Collie, and the Jack Russell Terrier, which get overly devoted to their owners tend to follow and lay on their feet.

Regardless of the breed, separation anxiety can affect any dog. Separation anxiety results from the dread of abandonment that some rescued animals suffer.

3. Guarding

Dog guarding his owner

When wolves were pack animals, they would guard and protect the pack leader by sitting on his or her feet. We can see how far back this group mentality goes because our beloved pets still exhibit this same behavior today.

Owners of pets have long been fascinated by this dog habit. It demonstrates to us just how deeply embedded the instinct for defense is in our dogs.

4. They’re Trying To Communicate

The reason why your dog may lay on your feet is to communicate with you. Perhaps they want to play with you or go for a walk. In order to get your attention, they may also jump on you if they are thirsty or hungry.

If you’re preoccupied with anything, like your phone, and you don’t see your dog’s other indications, this can frequently happen.

5. Looking For Warmth

dog laying next to owner

If your dogs are feeling cold, they will often lay on your feet. Some dogs seek warmth more than others, especially smaller breeds like Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, and other similar breeds.

Snuggling close to you is their way of finding the warm comfort they desire. You become their personal heated blanket.

6. Dogs As Comforters

Our dogs can be sensitive animals. They will do whatever it takes to reassure us that we are not alone if they detect that we are depressed, joyful, stressed out, exhausted, sickly, or afraid. For warmth, they will lay on our feet.

It’s reassuring to know that they want to let us know they are there.

7. Imitating Their Mother And Other Dogs

feet and dog feet

Dogs learn new behaviors by watching their mother or other dogs do the same friendly behavior, like lying on their owners’ feet. Dogs express their trust and need for friendship by imitating this behavior, which strengthens the emotional bond between them and their owner.

In addition to offering physical comfort, the act of lying on their owners’ feet helps to strengthen the bond between the dog and the human.


Dogs lying on their owners’ feet is an adorable reminder of the close relationship they have. Emotional, instinctive, and social factors affect this behavior.

Dogs may do this to express affection, get comfort, or feel close to their owner. As responsible dog owners, we may improve our bond with our animal friends and enjoy this act.

So, next time your furry friend curls up at your feet, know that it is a special way they are showing their love and attachment to you.