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7 Adorable Reasons Why You Should Adopt An Older Dog

7 Adorable Reasons Why You Should Adopt An Older Dog

Puppy love can wait! 

While it’s tempting to bring home a bouncing ball of fluff, older dogs are often overlooked at animal shelters and rescues. But don’t let their gray muzzles fool you – senior dogs have plenty of love to give and make wonderful companions. 

In fact, there are plenty of reasons why adopting an older dog is a smart decision for any pet owner. From their calm demeanor to their already-settled behavior, senior pups have a lot to offer. 

So, put down the puppy treats and listen up! 

In this article, we’re going to give you 7 reasons why you should adopt an older dog and why they deserve your attention. 

Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on the joy and love that a senior dog can bring to your life!

1. Calmer Demeanor

senior dog with happy face

When you bring home an older dog, get ready to experience a whole new level of tranquility. These dogs have mastered the art of relaxation and can teach you a thing or two about unwinding after a long day. 

With their calm demeanor, they make the perfect Netflix binge-watching partners. 

No more crazy zoomies or constant need for attention. It’s all about enjoying the simple pleasures in life, like lounging on the couch and sharing quiet moments together. 

Adopting an older dog means entering a zen zone where peace, serenity, and a whole lot of cuddles await.

Just take a look at this senior pup who turned into a cuddle machine after his adoption! 

2. No More Guessing Games

brown senior dog sitting in nature

Forget about waiting for your pup’s personality to blossom because with an older dog, you get the whole package from the start. 

Each dog has their unique quirks, and when you adopt an older dog, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. 

Whether they’re a couch potato who loves belly rubs or an adventure enthusiast always ready for a hike, their personality is like a completed puzzle. 

It’s like finding your soulmate who completes your sentences before you even speak!

Take Bear, for example. He was a senior dog with a sweet disposition and a calm nature. 

With Bear, his new owner Kerrie didn’t have to wait for his true self to emerge; she experienced the joy of his companionship from day one!

3. Skip The Puppy Boot Camp

chihuahua dog giving a high five to his owner

If you’ve ever embarked on the challenging journey of training a puppy, you’ll appreciate the delight of adopting an older dog who already knows the ropes. 

These seasoned pros come equipped with a repertoire of tricks and manners that make your life a whole lot easier. Sit? Check! Stay? Check! House-trained? Check and double-check! 

Instead of constant accidents and chewed-up furniture, you can focus on honing existing skills or teaching a few new tricks! And yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Take, for instance, Autumn, a remarkable 14-year-old puppy with a heart full of determination and a mind eager to learn! 

4. Ready To Be Your BFF

senior black labrador standing on the lawn

When you adopt an older dog, get ready to welcome a new best friend into your life! These dogs have already mastered the art of companionship and are eager to form a deep and meaningful bond with you. 

They’re like the buddy you’ve always wanted, ready to join you on all your adventures and be by your side through thick and thin. 

From long walks in the park to cozy movie nights at home, your older dog will be the ultimate partner-in-crime, bringing endless joy, loyalty, and a whole lot of tail wags to your life. 

One beautiful story comes from the internet sensation known as “Senior Dogs Across America.” 

The project features stunning photographs of older dogs in various locations, capturing their personalities and their individual beauty. 

Through their heartwarming photos and stories, it’s evident that these dogs have become true best friends to their humans, bringing endless love, laughter, and companionship to their lives! 

5. Relax And Unwind Together

old boxer dog resting on the couch

Life can get hectic, but with an older dog, you have the perfect excuse to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures. These dogs have mellowed out and are experts in the art of relaxation. 

They’ll teach you the importance of taking a break, finding peace in the little moments, and enjoying life at a slower pace. 

Picture lazy Sunday mornings snuggled up together, gentle walks in the park with no rush, and evenings spent unwinding with your furry companion by your side. 

With an older dog, you’ll create a peaceful haven where stress melts away, and the only thing that matters is the love and serenity you share. 

Such an example of chilling together with senior pups brings us to Steve Greig, an extraordinary guy known for his love of senior dogs. 

Steve’s Instagram account, @wolfgang2242, showcases his unique family dynamic, consisting of rescued senior dogs, chickens, pigs, and even a rabbit! 

6. Grateful And Appreciative

old smiling dog in nature

When you open your heart and home to an older dog, you’ll witness the incredible gratitude and appreciation they have for finding their forever home. These dogs often come from difficult situations and have experienced hardships. 

By giving them a second chance, you’ll see their eyes light up with thankfulness, their tails wag with joy, and their hearts overflow with love. 

Every day, you’ll be greeted with a wagging tail and a smile that says, “Thank you for choosing me.” 

It’s a heartwarming feeling to know that you’ve made such a positive impact on a deserving soul, and the love and gratitude they show will fill your life with warmth and happiness.

In the heartwarming tale of three senior Chihuahuas, we find an extraordinary example of gratitude and appreciation. 

After their previous owner had died, these adorable pups were adopted by a compassionate dog lover. Their gratefulness radiated from their every cuddle, every playful romp, and every lick on their new owner’s cheek!

7. No Surprises

senior cocker spaniel dog lying on the grass

With an older dog, what you see is what you get, and that’s a wonderful thing! 

Unlike puppies who go through growth spurts and unpredictable behavioral changes, older dogs have already reached their full size and their personalities are well-established. 

There are no surprises or uncertainties about how big they’ll get or what their temperament will be like. 

You can choose an older dog that fits perfectly into your lifestyle and preferences, knowing that their size, coat type, and overall appearance won’t change dramatically. 

Here is a wonderful example of how an older dog fits perfectly into the lifestyle and preferences of a 100-year-old woman, creating an unbreakable bond!

Final Thoughts

Adopting an older dog is a decision filled with love and rewards. 

These remarkable fluffy companions have so much to offer, from their unique personalities and well-established traits to their unwavering gratitude and appreciation. 

By opening your heart and home to an older dog, you become a source of comfort, security, and happiness in his golden years!