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Realtor Finds The Most Shocking Surprise Lying On The Floor In A Vacant House

Realtor Finds The Most Shocking Surprise Lying On The Floor In A Vacant House

A real estate agent started her workday as usual, anticipating a routine day ahead. However, as she unlocked the door to the vacant house she needed to attend to, she was completely stunned.  

She expected to find the house in decent shape, given that the previous tenants had vacated nearly a month ago, but she was met with a scene far from orderly. 

It turned out that the previous tenants had left the house in utter chaos and disarray. On top of that, she also discovered a playpen with seven furry babies that the tenants apparently simply left behind.

The realtor was at a complete loss for words.    

A Shocking Furry Discovery 

The seven bunnies had been confined to a playpen and living in their own waste for almost a month. 

They urgently needed someone to help them. 

Lyla Frick, the founder and executive director of Pumpkin’s Acres Rabbit Rescue Inc., which took in the seven bunnies, told The Dodo that the poor bunnies were on their own for almost a month. 

“The tenant moved out before Christmas, so the rabbits had been on their own for almost a month before someone reached out to us. Apparently, someone was going there every few days to give them pellets and water, but there were often times where they were found to have had neither. They were also not being fed any hay, which is a crucial part of a rabbit’s diet,” she said. 

The realtor was desperately trying to find a placement for the bunnies, but was constantly turned down due to overcrowding of the shelters. 

Luckily, Pumpkin’s Acres Rabbit Rescue agreed to take them in as soon as they heard their heartbreaking story. 

“The environment they were living in and the neglect they experienced was heartbreaking. Thankfully, to date, they all appear to be relatively healthy despite what they’ve been through,” Frick said. 

The group of seven bunnies consisted of the mother and her four babies (approximately five months old) and two other females who were not related to them. 

Luckily, they were saved just in time; otherwise, they wouldn’t have survived much longer.  

Looking For A Forever Home 

All the bunnies were placed in temporary foster homes until the rescue finds them a loving forever home. 

“We have a TEMPORARY foster for these buns, but no permanent fosters. And right now the babies are still nursing so they have to stay with mama. But at 8 weeks they all need to be separated. And we really really really need foster homes,” the rescue wrote in their Facebook post.

Following a veterinary checkup and gender check, the bunnies were also given a name. 

“Brandy is momma to Bourbon (male), Malibu (female), Mojito (male), and Mimosa (female)!💕 Mom and babies are all absolutely adorable and so sweet. Kahlua and Amaretto are both females who really love exploring and are really warming up to pets,” the rescue said. 

Mamma and the babies were placed in one foster home, while the other two females went to separate foster homes. They were a bit shy at the beginning, but are adjusting well to their new environment. 

Shortly, they will all hopefully go to their forever homes. 

“After what they experienced, they are excited for the love and attention of their foster parents, a clean bed, and all the hay they could ever want. The neglect they faced hasn’t dampened their spirits at all. They are quite resilient,” Frick said.   

If you are interested in adopting one of these bunnies, or perhaps some other, you can visit the rescue’s website for more information about available animals or contact them directly.