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Real-Life Rainbow Bridge Is The Holly Place For The Dog To Pay Tribute To His Lost Canine Friends

Real-Life Rainbow Bridge Is The Holly Place For The Dog To Pay Tribute To His Lost Canine Friends

You have probably heard of the saying that a dog “crosses the rainbow bridge” the moment it passes away. It is a saying that is more than 60 years old, but it is relevant to this day.

Chances are that fewer of you are familiar with the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge, known for its lush landscape and diverse wildlife. 

However, I assume that many of you have experienced the beauty of this place, especially those of you who live near it.

Although, in both cases, it is about a bridge, it is probably not clear to you what the bridge from the poem has to do with the real-life bridge in a certain locality in the USA.

Well, one woman, a big dog-lover, managed to bring the bridge from the poem into a real-life structure. It has become a place that truly radiates special energy and attracts both dogs and their owners every day.

Beautiful Poem Was Her Inspiration

Although it is still not confirmed, it is believed that Edna Clyne-Rekhy wrote the famous poem, “The Rainbow Bridge”, in 1959 at the age of 19. It was the poem that was written in honor of her beloved Labrador Retriever, Major, who passed away. 

More than 60 years later, in the year 2021, a woman named Amy Wald had to say “goodbye” to her two favorite pups, Molly and Barkley. The first thing that came to her mind at that moment was the poem just mentioned.

A year after that very difficult life moment for her, the idea was born that she would be the one to build the “rainbow bridge” from the poem.

According to Spectrum News, one day, in May of 2022, this local woodwork artist was strolling along the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge (LLFB) when she came up with the idea. 

When Amy came across an empty spot in front of the Rivers Edge Dog Garden, she was instantly reminded of her favorite poem. Not long after that, the real-life Rainbow Bridge was built in the same place.

The bridge was painted in a vibrant rainbow color and Amy attached Molly’s and Barkley’s collar to the railing, in addition to 10 of her previous pets’ collars.

“The whole purpose was to create a space for families, individuals to come and place the tags, for them to come and have a place to happily remember their pets,” Amy said for the World Watcher Films

From that moment on, tags, collars, and everything else that represented any memory of man’s best friend did not stop arriving at this bridge.

One Dog Paid Homage To Each Collar

In a very short time, many people and their pets visited this place, and everyone was amazed by the special energy they felt there.

Even dogs would stop for a moment if they felt the presence of their friends on the other side of the bridge.

One day, a man named Ryan Everhart came to visit this place with his dog Jude, and then an incredible thing happened.

“He’s usually on the go, but his energy shifted as soon as we walked upon the bridge,” Everhart told The Dodo. “He gave every single collar a sniff tribute.”

Jude actually paid respect to every dog that “crossed the rainbow bridge”. It seemed like he was communicating beyond it as if they told him that it was not his time to cross it. 

He stopped at the end of the bridge…

No One Remained Indifferent

bridge with hanging necklaces
Source: Anna Lopez

In a very short time, many stories were created about dogs coming to pay their respects to their canine friends on the other side of the bridge.

And, of course, sad owners who brought things that reminded them of their dogs, in this symbolic way, remember those they loved the most.

One visitor, Anna Lopez, traveled from another country to visit this special place. Having recently lost her dog, she was hoping to find solace and a place to honor him.

“The first thing I saw when I came to the bridge was a dog tag with my dog’s name on it, Chester,” Lopez said. “I felt like Chester wanted me to be there.”

dog collars hung on the bridge
Source: Anna Lopez

Her friend’s dog, Ketsia, also could not hide her emotions when she found herself on this bridge.

“Ketsia looked at and sniffed the collars and harnesses. A few seconds later, she got up on the guardrail and got in the ‘prayer’ position,” Lopez said. “It’s like she knew why we were there and what the bridge represented.”

a woman stands on the bridge with a dog leaning against the fence
Source: Anna Lopez

Another visitor, Kara Tucker, was also taken aback by the Rainbow Bridge’s beauty and tranquility. Emotions were mixed because she and her husband visited the Rainbow Bridge on the first anniversary of their sweet dog, Libby, passing. 

This bridge was reported by one of the most famous media houses, including FOX Carolina News, Good Morning America, Yahoo News, and many others. 

However, we hope that this place will keep its harmony, where all those who want to spend another day with their beloved pet will be able to do so in peace. 

This is certainly what these guardian angels on the other side of the bridge deserve.