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rat terrier

Despite their common name, Rat Terriers are a rare dog breed that was once used for hunting and exterminating rats. Here’s what’s unique about them!

toy rat terrier playing outdoors

Toy Rat Terrier: A Small Dog With A Huge Energy Bar

Toy Rat Terriers are small dogs with a bunch of energy to spare. How can such a tiny dog be so energetic? Let's find that out!

rat terrier dog in the woods

13 Rat Terrier Colors: Raturn Of The Color Wheel

All the Rat terrier colors under the sun — this list will be like a rainbow to your eyes.

rat terrier standing on a meadow

Rat Terrier Growth Chart — Bigger And Cuter Than Actual Rats

In this Rat Terrier growth chart, you will find all the details about the growth and development of Rat Terriers, along with other useful info and tips.