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Dog With Rare Condition Left Outside A Shelter With A Heartbreaking Note

Dog With Rare Condition Left Outside A Shelter With A Heartbreaking Note

In the vast sea of abandoned dogs that end up on the street, only a small number of lucky ones find their way to a new home.

Most of the time, dog abandonment derives from disinterest, lack of time and experience, or a sudden change of a life situation.

Some doggos, on the other hand, find themselves on the street because their owners don’t know how to handle the situation – like in the case of Qwerty. 

He was clearly a loved dog, but due to his unusual short spine syndrome, his owners just didn’t know better than to leave him outside a local shelter with a heartbreaking note.

Roadogs To The Rescue

Qwerty Cosmo waited outside a shelter for workers to notice him, and when they did, they just couldn’t believe their eyes! He was left with a note, clearly written by a kid, that said: “I love my dog. Please don’t hit him. It’s a boy.”

The shelter staff immediately contacted Nikki, of Roadogs Rescue, from California, who helps dogs with rare conditions find their forever home. When she learned of Qwerty’s story, she was more than happy to take him in!

dog sitting in dog bed
Source: @cudacares

Even though dogs are usually fostered by RR volunteers, Nikki decided to take Qwerty in herself. She wanted to get to know this sweetie and understand his condition, so she brought him to her home. 

Qwerty was a friendly dog right off the bat. Despite his condition, he never really showed any signs of general weakness, nor did he have any other health issues. He was different visually, but Qwerty had no problems living the way he was.

He embraced life with paws wide open, adapted among other doggos, and enjoyed every second of his foster life! 

He enjoys going for walks, running freely at the beach, and chasing a ball together with his siblings. 

Even though he can’t climb on the couch or run tirelessly all day along, Qwerty is perfectly satisfied with his little life. And, Nikki is happy to know that one day, he’ll make some family really happy!

Just a few weeks after he was initially taken in for fostering, the perfect family showed up!

Off To The Perfect Home

photo of four similar dogs
Source: @cudacares

An amazing family from Florida fell in love with Qwerty as soon as they saw him online. Julie and Scott already had a female dog named Cuda, who also had short spine syndrome, and the resemblance between the two was uncanny!

“There’s no denying Qwerty Cosmo and Cuda’s similarities,” Qwerty’s new owners wrote on Instagram.

Sadly, Cuda crossed the rainbow bridge a few years ago, and the couple was grateful to have the opportunity to take in another dog in need.

dog with a condition sitting
Source: @cudacares

Qwerty adapted into his new home like he had always belonged there! His new hoomans and doggo siblings helped him embrace his new environment in a heartbeat, and he just loves being a member of the family

“He will never be let go of again… He is ours now and forever. And to his former people: He is safe. Thank you for leaving him where you did instead of some remote area. Still, I wish you could have gotten help. Your dog was very, very lucky to be rescued. Not many are,” his new owners wrote.

photo of two women with a dog
Source: @cudacares

Today, Qwerty lives the best life he could possibly imagine. He meets new people on a daily basis, plays with his siblings, has the ultimate way with cats and other dogs, and has the kindest heart for strangers!

His family keeps posting about his daily adventures on their official Instagram account. Once an abandoned boi whose future was unstable, Qwerty’s now the happiest short-spined dog in the world!