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Pure Breeds

PupVine brings you everything that you ever wanted to know about a single purebred dog. Whether it is the history of the breed, personality, health, nutrition, or perhaps grooming, this is the place where all your questions find the right answers. 

Find your Fido

german shepherd dog lying in the grass

German Shepherd

The world's most famous all-purpose workers known for their courage and loyalty.

a golden retriever runs across a field

Golden Retriever

Gentle and affectionate pups that are truly golden dogs in every sense.

french bulldog standing on grass looking at cameras

French Bulldog

Meet the Frenchies – a true epitome of small breed but huge personality.

Pitbull posing for camera

Pit bull

Don't let the troublesome past scare you and get to know these loving pets.

cute corgi outdoor sitting


If you are Queen's favorite breed, you must be special, right? Let's find out.

Doberman standing in field looking away


Don't worry about your safety because this dog will be your perfect bodyguard.

long-haired shih tzu

Shih Tzu

The Chinese royal dog, most famous for its lavishly coated long fur.

Chihuahua walking in the snow


The true meaning of size does not matter, Chihuahuas - small but mighty.

cute dog walking outside on sunny day


The one and only Dachshund (sausage dog) beloved by the whole world.

miniature poodle in a field


The Poodle: a dog with beauty, brains, and bouffant, all in one adorable package.

Siberian husky dog with blue eyes stands and looks ahead

Siberian Husky

Meet the biggest drama queens in the canine kingdom, yours truly, Husky pups.

Rottweiler runs across the field


Robust workers with great strength but also gentle playmates and family protectors.

Boxer dog standing on grass outside


Beauty, brains, loyalty, fun, affection, and amazing work ethic - Boxer dog has it all.

Dog australian shepherd blue merle standing on green gras

Australian Shepherd

America's pride and joy, a dog breed that is truly a sight to see and work with.

two dogs sitting outside looking away

Cane Corso

A true bodyguard dog dating from ancient Roman times, eager to please and loyal.

great dane lies on the path

Great Dane

A gentle giant at its true form, the mighty "Apollo of Dogs" with big heart.

cute Belgian Malinois running

Belgian Malinois

A world-class worker and one of the top picks for police and military K-9 units.

A chow chow lying on a stone in the woods

Chow Chow

Known for their cute, teddy-bear appearance and fiercely loyal temperament.

Samoyed standing outside


Sammies are fluffy, smiling sled dogs, perfectly beautiful and highly functional.

beautiful shiba inu puppy sitting in the forest

Shiba Inu

Sturdy, muscular dogs with a bold and confident personality to match.

Basset Hounds sitting on the grass

Basset Hound

Aaaand the prize for the best ears of the canine kingdom goes to Bassets.

English Bulldog sitting in an autumn park

English Bulldog

Playful, alert, and completely irresistible, the one-of-a-kind British dog.

labrador retriever dog outdoors in grass park

Labrador Retriever

Friendly, outgoing, and lovable, Labs are the most popular dog breed in the world.

dog with gray coat standing outdoors on green grass


Beautiful and fearless "Gray Ghost" beloved by hunters and pet owners.

portrait of a grown beagle


The dog with the cutest face, excellent hunting skills, and merry personality.

order collie dog lying down on the grass

Border Collie

Widely famous for its remarkable intelligence, agility, and obedience.

happy english cocker spaniel puppy

Cocker Spaniel

Dreamy eyes, long ears, happy disposition, and impish personality - read Cockers.

Yorkie lies down and rests

Yorkshire Terrier

A dainty, compact dog with a fabulous personality and slightly feisty nature.

Blue American Bully standing outside looking away

American Bully

A true companion with gentle and friendly demeanor making an ideal family dog.

Akita standing outside


Japan's most cherished symbol, dogs with imposing stature and strong character.

Large Bernese Mountain Dog lying on the grass in the park

Bernese Mountain Dog

Strikingly beautiful, noble, and sweet-natured dogs who live to please.

Bullmastiff lying on green grass looking to the side


A massive dog of prodigious strength and a formidable protector of his people.

Pomeranian stands in the garden


The fluffiest balls of fur known as Pom Pom dogs - compact, lively, and bold.