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Two Pups Who Were Abandoned After A House Fire Finally Got The Life They Deserved

Two Pups Who Were Abandoned After A House Fire Finally Got The Life They Deserved

When a pup is left behind after his family moves away, it can seriously impact his well-being.

Not only are they left to fend for themselves after being used to human care, but they also are left wondering why they were left behind – were they simply not good enough?

Rescue Mission

big old dog
Source: The Dodo

When two dogs were carelessly left behind by their owners after their house burned down, they didn’t really know what to do.

Luckily, an animal rescue named Fresno Humane Animal Service, based in Fresno, California, was called by the local community.

When the rescuers came to the site, they were greeted by a very large Great Dane who was luckily very friendly and curious.

They decided to do some exploring, and they discovered another dog – this time, a Mastiff, lying on the ground not being able to move.

“She wasn’t really responding, wasn’t really getting up so I was really concerned. You could tell she was kind and sweet-natured,” said Jessie, a staff member.

old dog laying down on the ground
Source: The Dodo

They decided to first get the Great Dane inside of their car, and then go back for the injured pup. They thought it would be best if they brought a carrier and transferred the dog inside of it as it would be much safer for her.

Luckily, the dog trusted her rescuers completely and they had no issues whatsoever.

man putting a dog in a carrier
Source: The Dodo

Recovery Journey

After they were rescued, both pups were immediately taken to the shelter clinic for a thorough checkup and medical attention.

The staff also scanned their microchip and contacted the owners. And, as they did, they found out some very sad news.

We received information that they were both used for breeding. The owner had a lot going on. He just decided that it was in their dogs’ best interest to just surrender them.  

This left the staff heartbroken, but they did not lose hope.

dog laying down
Source: The Dodo

With the help of another rescue, One Dane At A Time, they were able to provide both dogs with the medical attention they needed.

New Life

After spending some time with them, Erika, the founder of One Dane At A Time, decided to foster the pups.

“I knew I had to help them. There was just not a doubt in my mind that they needed a break finally in life,” said Erika.

Having experience with Great Danes, Erika had no trouble living with these doggos, claiming that because of their size, they are able to “love more”.

two dogs walking
Source: The Dodo

After spending two weeks at their new home, both girls really came out of their shells.

When their tails started wagging, that’s when I knew that they had been fully decompressed and they were gonna be OK.

dog with sunglasses
Source: The Dodo

Final Word

Both Erika and I believe that with a little bit more love and time, both of these pups will find a forever home of their own.

Hopefully, this home won’t include highly active hoomans as these pups love to lay around and be lazy. 

However, I am sure that whatever home these dogs go into, they will be happy either way.