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Awesome Pup Turns His Quirky Hobby Into A Fun Way To Earn Some Real Money 

Awesome Pup Turns His Quirky Hobby Into A Fun Way To Earn Some Real Money 

Meet Finn, a uniquely charming dog who’s not just distinctive in appearance, but has turned his quirky hobby into a fun and profitable adventure. 

Finn is playful, sweet, and most importantly, environmentally conscious.

Curious about his hobby? 

This fantastic pup loves collecting empty plastic bottles and recycling them all on his own initiative.

A Very Profitable Hobby 

Finn and his human, Stefen, crossed paths during Stefen’s journey through a remote reserve. 

This adorable, big bundle of fluffy fur with frostbitten ears wandered out of the forest all alone, seeking help. Stefen was instantly smitten.

After looking around the reserve and consulting locals, Stefen discovered that Finn was a stray pup in need.

Considering the challenges in the poverty-stricken reserve, Stefen decided to bring Finn into his home, loading him into his van for a new chapter in their companionship. 

Ever since that moment, Finn’s life has been an incredible adventure.

He has an awesome life with lots of friends and hobbies. 

This pooch adores swimming, playing basketball, acting in music videos and movies, and eating blackberries, but his favorite hobby must be collecting bottles and cans. 

For some reason, this incredible pooch likes to collect cans and bottles and recycle them. 

“I never trained him or forced him or told him to do this, he just really loves collecting cans and bottles. He goes around the neighborhood almost every day and brings home some kind of treasure. I guess it’s easier than catching a squirrel,” Stefen said in one of his TikTok videos. 

Finn is an eco-friendly dog at heart that just likes to clean the neighborhood.  

His quirky hobby, though, has turned into a practical way for this pup to actually make some real money. 

“I take the empties to the bottle depot. When we turn them in, we get quite a bit of money (for a dog). That money goes straight to Finn. It pays for a wash and a cool toy,” Stefen explained in a video. 

Here’s video of Finn in action:  

@stefen_and_finn just another day at work #viral #fyp #amazingdogs #amazingpets #bestdogever #cutedog #funnydogsoftiktok ♬ Cute Puppies – Mark Ross

It’s amazing how Finn, the dog, has discovered a way to make a positive impact on his community while earning a little cash for himself in the process. 

But, there’s more! In the spirit of the holiday season, Finn and his human have chosen to donate all the money he earns from collecting cans and bottles to the animal rescue.

Indeed, Finn is one very good boy!

However, Finn seems to stand out not just for his recycling skills, but also for his distinctive appearance.

His owners opted for a DNA test to precisely determine his breed, and the results turned out to be quite surprising.

According to the DNA test, Finn is 19% Rottweiler, 13% Labrador Retriever, 11% American Pit Bull Terrier, Australian Cattle Dog and German Shepherd Dog each, 7% Border Collie, and the rest is a mix of many other different breeds. 

Quite surprising, isn’t it? 

Keep up with Finn and his daily adventures by following him on Instagram and TikTok!