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Skinny Puppy Diagnosed With A Serious Skin Condition Undergoes The Heartwarming Transformation

Skinny Puppy Diagnosed With A Serious Skin Condition Undergoes The Heartwarming Transformation

There’s no greater gift for a dog rescuer than the gift of seeing a stray dog transform. 

Living in what can be called the worst of conditions, many dogs go through storms until they are finally given the chance of a decent life. And, when they finally start coming out of their shell, all you can do is sit and watch them blossom.

One such story comes from Saipan, Mariana Islands, where a dog named Smoosh was about to have her very first interaction with a hooman. Or, at least with a hooman who wouldn’t say no to her!

Smoosh’s Backstory

skinny pup sitting next to a small pup
Source: @booniebabies

Aria and Grace Keilbach, of Boonie Babies, have been on a dog-saving mission for years now. Aria moved to Saipan from Colorado in 2018 and has been rescuing, fostering, and providing medical care to stray dogs ever since.

When they first bumped into Smoosh on another rescue mission, they just couldn’t say no to her. She was extremely emaciated, skinny, and had a serious skin condition. They immediately brought her home from where her recovery process started. 

dog with a flower on its head
Source: @booniebabies

After the initial vet examination, Smoosh, the three-month-old pup at the time, was diagnosed with ticks and severe mange. 

Her skin was missing and her overall condition was quite bad, yet she has never lost her spark. Even though she was very timid and shy at first, it only took a month for this lovely girl to open up.

“This sweet timid girl is fighting tick disease and severe mange but that doesn’t stop her from being a loving and silly puppy! Smoosh is 4 months old and will tackle you for cuddles if given the chance,” BB wrote on Instagram.

The Boonie Babies team did everything in their power to help Smoosh get back on her paws, and soon enough, her life took an amazing turn!

A Brand-New Girl

dog in good condition
Source: @booniebabies

With a little love and proper medications, Smoosh transformed into a brand-new dog after only months. Her fur grew back completely, and she just couldn’t be happier.

She absolutely loved her mealtimes and always switched to her “bouncy” mode whenever she was served with food.

“Smoosh is now bouncing off the walls and we could not be happier that she’s finally comfortable enough to express herself,” her rescuers wrote on Instagram.

Smoosh soon became everyone’s favorite. All the doggos from the rescue loved her, and she absolutely enjoyed being the big sister to all foster doggos that required help and support.

The most amazing news, though, arrived at the BB’s address four months after Smoosh was saved. An amazing family fell in love with this adorable girl’s story and decided to add her to their family  permanently! 

Smoosh’s life went full circle after she finally set foot into her furever home. When she finally settled in, she got another life role and instantly fell in love with it! 

Smoosh helps her pawrents rehabilitate foster kittens. She’s now a big foster sibling to all those tiny kittens in need, and she knows exactly what to do to make them feel at home. Smoosh rehabilitates, encourages, and nurtures her feline friends with love!

She makes sure to give her tiny buddies all the love in the world like she once got when she needed it the most. Once a small, helpless puppy that didn’t know where her next meal would come from, Smoosh is now a big girl with the most noble mission in life!