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Puppy With Degloved Leg Gets Healed And Saved From The Street

Puppy With Degloved Leg Gets Healed And Saved From The Street

Not every dog has the opportunity to live carefree from its very birth. Some dogs are left at the mercy of this cruel world, abandoned by their owners, and neglected in every way.

That’s exactly what happened to Bongo — an abandoned puppy who was found on the street.

Bongo was in very bad condition when he was first found. This unfortunate puppy was abandoned by his previous owners and found on the street while he was trying to stay on his feet. He was severely injured, and his back leg was completely “degloved”.

The chances that Bongo would survive were really small, considering his overall condition, and the fact that he was malnourished. 

The LightShine Canine rescue team acted promptly in the attempt to save this gorgeous boy. Here’s how they did it!

Bongo Was Found Abandoned And Injured

abandoned hairless puppy found
Source: YouTube

Not only was Bongo malnourished and exhausted, but the main problem was that his back leg was totally degloved. The good part of his skin was practically missing, and his muscles and tissue were exposed.

When the LightShine Canine team subjected Bongo to a vet exam, he had a high temperature and a fever. At that point, surgery was no option, as the puppy was not strong enough to survive it.

“There are many other punctures on his body. His body temperature is also very high.”

The main goal of the staff was to prevent the infection from further spreading, and clean his wound. 

Bongo’s A Fighter

Despite all odds, this weakened puppy had a fighting instinct! Even though the team couldn’t subject him to surgery that very moment, Bongo was inclined to survive!

“That is a puppy who is very interested in living!”

He started eating food as soon as he was brought to the shelter. After eating the whole bowl of wet food prepared by the staff members, he exhibited a friendly attitude towards everyone, and started wagging his tail.

In a way, Bongo was trying to express gratitude towards the people who saved him, even though he was still in a lot of pain. 

But, now was the time to get Bongo ready for surgery. He had a long way to go, as the recovery process that was ahead of him required months of daily monitoring. He had a very severe skin injury that almost resulted in death, but luckily, Bongo was saved on time.

Bongo’s Back Leg Was Amputated

puppy found, his leg wrapped
Source: YouTube

Turned out that his skin injury was even more complex than it looked. 

The vet team couldn’t save this poor puppy’s leg, which is why they needed to amputate it as soon as possible. The amputation was the only way to save Bongo’s health in the long run, as the infection was quite large.

After several weeks of daily care in the LightShine Canine rescue center, Bongo regained the strength he needed, and now he was ready for the surgical procedure. 

He Needed Months To Recover

In no time, this white-and-cream, floppy-eared, cheerful puppy became a family member of the LightShine Canine team. Even though the surgery wound needed months to heal, Bongo never showed signs of depression or lethargy.

Quite the opposite – he was a good boy that sought attention and friendship. It was like he always needed a friend, but didn’t get one until the rescue. Now, he had a whole bunch!

But, the problem is – this shelter was never meant to be his furever home. They took him in, provided help, and helped him regain his strength, and now was the time to move on. Bongo needed a family to adopt him, so he could live a happy little life carefree.

Bongo Is Up For Adoption

cute puppy
Source: YouTube

Thanks to the LightShine Canine team, Bongo got his second chance. 

He’s now a healthy juvenile with lots of energy, despite the fact that he only has three legs. Although he may seem a little clumsy at times, he normally does all the puppy activities. He runs, jumps, frolics in a park, and plays with other puppies with so much enthusiasm.

It’s like his surgery never happened, as he manages to do all these things without a problem. The rescue team did everything in their power to get Bongo back on his feet, and they indeed succeeded.

Today, Bong’s a happy little canine that seeks his forever home. I’m sure he will provide his future family with lots of happiness and affection, as that’s just the way Bongo is.

We wish for him to find his hooman buddies for life as soon as possible!