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Puppy With Deformity No One Wanted Turns Into A Precious Princess 

Puppy With Deformity No One Wanted Turns Into A Precious Princess 

Bea the Beagle knows she’s the most precious princess in the world, thank you very much. 

The amount of cuteness this little gal possesses is incredible. But, it wasn’t always like that. Bea wasn’t always the pawfect princess she is today. Well, she was, but people did not see it. 

Left as the last dog in the litter, ignored by potential adopters, Bea stood there waiting, begging to be picked up. 

Just when she thought her tiny body couldn’t take any more rejections, along came Max and Madita, her new pawrents.

And life started being pawfect, just like Bea!

From Runt Litter To Pretty Princess

Dog with deformed face
Source: Instagram

The entire litter of Beagle puppies was adopted at record speed… all but one. Bea was left last as the litter runt. Her cleft lip and palate were the reason why she was rejected and overlooked. Those adopters clearly didn’t know that beauty lies on the inside. 

“When we got her, we thought we weren’t prepared… I called the woman and she told me that Bea is not normal as it were, but that she has a cleft lip and a cleft palate. That was all the more reason for us to actually get her because she immediately was something special,” says Max, Bea’s hoodad in the video for Cuddle Buddies.

It’s never easy to adopt a puppy, let alone one with a condition such as Bea’s. But, Max and Madita took the challenge and decided to show the world that even the most unusual-looking dogs can be special. 

From the moment she arrived at her new home, Bea showed everyone she was a pup with an attitude. She was fully aware she was a beautiful girl despite her tiny physical flaws. 

Cute puppy with face defect
Source: Instagram

And she showed she’s a pure-blooded Beagle, driven by smells and her nose. 

Although Max tried teaching her tricks, Bea has an attitude that tells her hoomans when it’s okay to do it. If there are treats involved, she will do it because she’s so food-motivated. If not, better not bug this precious princess.

Someone might think it’s super difficult to raise a dog with a cleft or that it’s too hard for the dog, too. Luckily for Bea, it’s not that ruff. 

Her hoomans have to monitor her condition, clean the cleft, and ensure Bea’s health. Other than that, she’s just a normal Beagle.

Bea On Instagram

woman and dog with deformed face
Source: Instagram

Nine pups were born into Bea’s litter. Two of them didn’t make it at the very beginning. The others were fine, adopted, and happy. And there was Bea. 

Even before Max and Madita took her in, Bea had surgeries. People wondered if she would make it. But not only did she make it, she survived like a rockstar. 

Bea showed everyone that living with a cleft lip and palate is possible. She took her biggest flaw and turned it into a minor aesthetic mistake. 

And now, she teaches people online how to embrace who they are and love others no matter how they look.

On her Instagram account, Bea has thousands and thousands of followers and dog lovers who wait impatiently for new updates. 

If you follow her on social media, you can see that Bea enjoys life to the fullest. She travels the world with her hoomans, has fun and play dates with other dogs, and shows her sass from time to time.

And she shows what a bea-utiful girl she is, inside and out.