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Tiny Puppy Who Was Trying Everything He Could To Keep Himself Warm Finally Wound Himself In A Loving Embrace

Tiny Puppy Who Was Trying Everything He Could To Keep Himself Warm Finally Wound Himself In A Loving Embrace

Winter can be a harsh time for dogs. Despite their fur coats, they are still very vulnerable and can feel cold if they spend enough time outside.

This information is particularly important because there are so many stray dogs who are forced to endure this because they have no home.

They will just move from one spot to the next in hopes of finding someplace safe and warm, but it usually never lasts long.

What they really need is a warm home for shelter and a family who will love them. In this story, we will talk about a stray dog who was found by rescuers in the freezing cold weather.

Sweet Puppy Just Wanted Help

When the rescuers from DAR Animal Rescue received word about a stray dog living outside a town in the long fields, they responded to the call for help.

They were looking for her for a while as she could have been anywhere by now, but they managed to spot her white fur coat soon enough.

The sweet dog seemed alarmed by their presence as she did not know who they were, and so she felt threatened and started moving away.

The rescuers got out of the car and started moving toward her. They noticed that she was not fleeing. One of them took the dog and placed him in the car.

Just as they were about to leave, they noticed several more stray dogs moving around in that area. 

While they were unable to help them all at the moment, one of the rescuers took some of the dog food and gave it to the strays to eat.

The area they were in had so many dogs that it was quite difficult to save them all. But, until they can do that, feeding them will have to do for a while.

She Was Given A New Opportunity

Now, it was time to take this sweet dog to the vet, where they could finally help her. While there, they established that she was around eight months old.

She was malnourished and had fleas and ticks all over her. Other than that, however, she did not have any major health issues.

The vet gave her all the necessary treatment for fleas, and they removed all of the ticks. She was given some food and water and was starting to recover slowly.

Now, her rescuers decided to move her somewhere safe and take care of her until they can find a home for her.

On their way there, they came upon the stray dogs again and made a quick stop to give them some food.

They were so happy to see these rescuers as they were likely fed by them in the past, and they know them enough to trust them.

After they gave them food, they arrived at one of the rescuer’s homes where she was helping several dogs.

She got into the house, placed the kennel down, and gave this sweet stray dog some food. She happily ate it all.

Luckily, for her, she is now in the care of her wonderful rescuers, who will do everything in their power to help her find an amazing family.

We don’t really have information on what happens next, but I am content with seeing how well she was treated, and I have no doubt that she has found her forever home by now.