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Stray Puppy Who Had Health Problems Finally Got A Surgery That Gave Him A New Chance

Stray Puppy Who Had Health Problems Finally Got A Surgery That Gave Him A New Chance

Rescuing animals in need is not a new occurrence for the rescue team of Saving Hope Rescue (SHR), an animal rescue based in Fort Worth, Texas.

They spend their days combing their beautiful city, looking for furry beings who are in desperate need of a helping hand and a kind smile.

They don’t usually go outside of Fort Worth for rescue missions; however, after seeing some photos of a dog living in a cardboard box, they grabbed their gear and were on their way.

Help Is On The Way

The drive was long — 8 whole hours, but these incredible hoomas were determined to have this adorable baby sleeping in a warm bed when night arrived.

“We had this sweet girl transported to the DFW area, having just seen a picture of her in a cardboard box,” Saving Hope Rescue wrote on Facebook.

When the volunteers finally arrived at the location, they carefully got the pup, later named Ridley, into their car and took her to SHR’s clinic where she was welcomed with open arms, yummy treats, and a lot of kisses.

Unfortunate News

When she was rescued by the SHR’s crew, Ridley was a tiny, three-month-old puppy. And, even though she was a very happy, smart, and playful puppy, a full medical checkup showed the vets that not everything was as perfect as it seemed.

“We discovered she had a serious heart defect. It could only be fixed with a balloon valvuloplasty procedure at Texas A&M,” SHR wrote.

Luckily, while she was waiting for her procedure to be approved, Ridley was taken in by a loving foster family who not only allowed her to decompress but also showed her what it was like to be a real puppy.

Her new family, along with her foster siblings, reassured her that everything would be okay!

“Ridley is a tiny, playful 3-month-old puppy who loves big dogs and all humans. She’s very smart and quick to learn … She’s a spunky little girl with lots of love to give!” Ridley’s foster parents wrote to SHR, later shared on Facebook.

The Fort Worth shelter worked adamantly to secure funds for Ridley’s heart procedure while she was having the best time at her foster home, learning basic commands, mastering communication with other doggos, and realizing how much she loved playing with toys.

Even though her heart remained a concern to her hoomans, seeing her happy and playful reassured them that she was a fighter.

One Happy Life

After months of waiting, the day finally arrived. Ridley finally received her life-saving surgery!

It came as no surprise when this incredible pup powered through the surgery without any complications and is now recovering.

“[With] this surgery, it will be a complete fix, and she gets to live a FULL life,” SHR wrote on Facebook.

Ridley is expected to make a full recovery in no time and, in the meantime, she is back at her foster telling her doggo friends what a brave girl she was.

I am sure that as soon as she is completely healed, she will find herself a loving forever home in no time that will be just as incredible as she is.

“She’s the perfect little pittie girl …” Erin O’Brien, her foster mom, wrote in a Facebook comment.

Final Word

There is no better feeling than seeing a once-stray puppy living its best life and all of this would be impossible if it wasn’t for the pawsome hoomans.

Not only did the Texas shelter and the foster family provide Ridley with a second chance at life but they made sure that the life was a life full of love, happiness, and adventures.

Let this be your sign to head down to your local shelter and give another furry friend a life worth living!