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This Puppy Was Too Scared To Let Anyone Near Until A Sweet Girl Showed Him Kindness

This Puppy Was Too Scared To Let Anyone Near Until A Sweet Girl Showed Him Kindness

Abandoning dogs is one of the worst things dog owners can do. They deprive their pups of a home, love, and care that they promised to give them. 

It’s an act of betrayal that the loyal and innocent dogs didn’t deserve. There is no pet who deserves to be betrayed and abandoned.

Snoopy never believed that he would be one of those abandoned dogs. He deeply trusted his owners and he thought that he was a part of the family.

When they left him, he continued to hope they would come back. This is his story.

Waiting For His Family

scared puppy sitting in a corner
Source: Suzette Hall

Snoopy was only 8 months old when his family abandoned him. Not knowing where to go, he kept waiting in the back of an apartment complex in Los Angeles, California. He found shelter under a pile of trash.

He was holding out hope that his owners would soon return. When his neighbors learned that he was abandoned, they made efforts to help him and to rescue him, but Snoopy didn’t let them near. He didn’t trust people anymore.

Although they offered him treats, the pooch was determined to stay where he was. Whenever they would approach him, he would start barking and growling at them.  

One of the neighbors brought him food and water every day, but still, the pup kept his distance.

Realizing that they couldn’t catch him, a kind person contacted Suzette Hall, a dog rescuer and a founder of Logan’s Legacy, a dog rescue based in Irvine, California. She promised to help.

While she was loading the necessary gear into her car, she got a message that one of the neighbors would come with her children to rescue the dog.

Soon, the neighbor came to the place where the dog was hiding. First, the woman tried talking to the dog and persuading him to leave his hiding place. He refused and continued growling and barking.

Meeting His Sweet Rescuer

dog lying on a pile of towels
Source: Suzette Hall

Then, the neighbor’s 8-year-old daughter approached the pup. She spoke to him tenderly. The moment the pooch saw the sweet girl, his mood transformed.

He jumped to her arms and the girl cuddled him. He chose to trust her. As she gently snuggled with him, he felt safe and understood.

Everybody was surprised to see how the girl succeeded in winning him over.

The sweet puppy let his little rescuer take him to the car. It was this girl who named him Snoopy.

He felt so comfortable that he fell asleep in the car. The family drove him over to Hall.

When Hall walked to their car, she was expecting Snoopy to bark and growl at her. To her surprise, the pup’s behavior was completely different.

“He just let me pick him right up. I just went softly and got my slip lead around him, then he started kissing me and hugging me.”

Hall was the second person he decided to trust that day. He believed that she would help him.

Searching For His Forever Family

dog named snoopy sitting and looking at the camera
Source: Suzette Hall

She took him to see the vet, and he had a full checkup. Luckily, the pup was in excellent health. He was ready to go to a foster home.

Snoopy loved it there and he completely came out of his shell.

“He is a total sweetheart. He loves kids so much, and he loves other dogs. He’s so cute,” Hall said.

Snoopy enjoys his new life in foster care. He likes playing with the little humans and with his furry friends.

We have no doubt that he’ll find wonderful parents who will love him forever and make him feel safe.