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This Sweet Puppy Was Struggling To Put On Weight But Her Rescuer Was There To Help Her

This Sweet Puppy Was Struggling To Put On Weight But Her Rescuer Was There To Help Her

Owning a dog is not an easy thing. You have to always be ready for any obstacle that comes your way and know how to deal with it.

But, how do you do it when it’s just a small puppy who is struggling to survive because he can’t put on weight properly?

In situations like this, it’s always best to call a professional who knows how to handle these situations and let them help the dog.

For this story, we will talk about a small puppy who was struggling to put on weight, but her rescuer decided to help her.

A Difficult Recovery

tiny cute puppy
Source: YouTube

When Sweetpea was first taken to her rescuer, she was struggling with her health very much. Her weight was below what it should be and she needed help fast.

Her rescuers didn’t yet know how to help her, but they decided to give it their best and figure everything out.

They found out that she was weak and dehydrated, but she received sub-Q fluids to help her.

Over the night, they decided to give her many small meals that she could easily eat to see if she would feel better.

puppy on table
Source: YouTube

After 36 hours, things got a bit better, as she ate her meals and gained a little weight. This was a good sign, as it could mean a full recovery if Sweetpea keeps it up.

Day by day, she is making an amazing recovery and her rescuers are making sure to feed her all the time. 

She is trying to gather the strength to start moving and walking; however, it’s still a little difficult and she is taking it slow.

After a few days, her rescuers noticed that Sweetpea started enjoying her meal time and was always waiting for someone to come and feed her. 

At four weeks old, people have noticed that she has started developing personality and is starting to play. This only means that things are changing for the better.

Small Progress Day By Day

tiny puppy wrapped in the towel
Source: YouTube

Soon enough, she would even start running. Sweetpea would make little baby laps around her shelter and then rest. It was just adorable.

She still needed to gain a little more weight before it was safe to do any blood work or diagnostics on her.

However, after that part of the journey was over, her rescuers didn’t waste any time and wanted to find out what was causing her problems.

They found out that she had Hydrocephalus and it affected both sides of her brain. She will be treated, of course, but the journey will take time.

She was placed in an oxygen chamber for therapy, and she stayed there for a while. After that was over, there was noticeable improvement in her after just a day.

puppy at home
Source: YouTube

Sweetpea is playing all the time now and is excited for her next meal. She has even started wagging her tail, which is so sweet.

After two months of amazing work and progress, she is now doing very well and even attended an adoption event.

At the party, she received a wonderful present from the staff. It was a handcrafted bandanna just for her. It’s a really amazing gift.

Even though it will still take a while before this sweet girl is adopted and in a forever home, her rescuers are more than happy to be with her on the journey and help her fully recover.

Until then, she will play with other dogs, eat many amazing meals, and enjoy being in the company of the people who care about her so much.