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Poor Puppy Was Lying By The Side Of The Road In Pain Until Big-Hearted Rescuer Came

Poor Puppy Was Lying By The Side Of The Road In Pain Until Big-Hearted Rescuer Came

Lately, it is nothing new to find an abandoned animal on the street. This is especially true for people whose mission in life is to save these creatures.

Just such a person is Christina, a big-hearted ER nurse from Texas, who has saved many lives in her noble career. However, in this regard, one week was very special. 

It all started with a fawn whom she moved to safety after it was separated from its mother. Just a few days later, she saved a tiny kitten and welcomed it into her Texas home. 

The highlight was the other day when she saw a poor furry creature lying helplessly by the side of the road. She didn’t think for a moment but immediately stopped the car to help him.

Poor Little One

As soon as Christina saw the animal from her car, she knew it was a poor dog that needed help. However, when she got out of the car and saw his desperate state, her heart truly broke. 

Although she was not completely sure what happened to this puppy, Christina believed that someone heartlessly dumped him there. She could not understand that anyone would have the heart to do such a thing to this helpless being. 

When she saw the sadness in his eyes, Christina took this puppy in her arms and hugged him to make him feel better. The smile immediately returned to his face and that gave her the motivation and energy to do everything to ensure a brighter future for this poor little one.

She quickly brought the puppy to her car and he was soon on his way to safety. 

Such A Good Boy

As soon as they got home, Christina went to work to get this puppy in order. He was in such bad condition that she needed a lot of time to get the job done. 

She first got rid of many sticker burrs from his fur. After that, she gave him a good bath in order to clean his dirty body after such a long time. In the end, she even cleaned the wound on his paw and wrapped it in order to help it heal. 

After Christina did everything to make him feel better, this puppy completely regained his trust in people. Christina could especially see that while she was brushing his hair – he was such a good boy despite everything he’d been through

When he realized that he was finally so loved, this dog’s appetite suddenly opened up as well, so he quickly ate everything that his beloved savior prepared for him. 

After that, he started yawning, and it wasn’t long before he fell asleep in the warm and comfy bed that this great woman had prepared just for him. 

Christina was very happy and enjoyed watching him sleep soundly, but at the same time, she was troubled by some worries about his future.

Hoping For Better Days

Christina was already aware of the fact that this puppy was not in good condition and that his injuries were not at all harmless. This was especially visible on one of his legs, on which he constantly limped. 

That’s why she took him to the vet the next morning, who only confirmed her fears. He said that the puppy’s knee was fractured, but what was even worse, it had already started to calcify. As she explained in her TikTok video, this meant that it had been in such a state for a long time. 

However, what saddened her followers the most was the fact that Christina had no intention of adopting the puppy. Despite their pleas, she explained that she would not do so because her husband did not agree with the idea

Yet, she was determined to make every moment this dog spent in her home beautiful. That was truly the case because this great woman continued to shower him with lots of love which meant more to this puppy than anything else to heal his deepest wounds.

The cute picture of him and the rescued kitten in her arms is the best example of what Christina’s home meant to these helpless beings. 

It was their safe haven and the ticket to some better days that we hope will come soon.