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This Abandoned Puppy Was Freezing In The Cold Weather For 3 Days Before Being Rescued

This Abandoned Puppy Was Freezing In The Cold Weather For 3 Days Before Being Rescued

One question that I am pondering right now is just how long it will take before humanity comes up with some ingenious idea on how to help stray or abandoned dogs in the world.

That’s assuming such a thing is even possible, but one can hope. Seeing them and knowing that some of them are not going to make it just makes it difficult to bear such a thing.

Anyone who loves dogs feels this way. In this story, we will talk about an abandoned puppy who was freezing for three days before someone came out to rescue him.

Freezing Cold Weather

puppy freezing outdoor
Source: YouTube

Something that is often overlooked by humans is the fact that dogs are more resistant to cold; however, there is a limit to how much they can tolerate.

Even they can feel cold in the freezing weather and it’s important we never ignore that fact.

In the case of this puppy, he was barely hanging on. However, when rescuers came to help him, he was happy to see someone who cared for him.

poor puppy freezing
Source: YouTube

The only reason why he managed to endure this was because a Good Samaritan who made the call about him improvised some form of a shelter to help him deal with the cold.

Such a kind gesture definitely saved this sweet puppy from freezing completely. 

An Optimistic Future

rescued puppy
Source: YouTube

His rescuers immediately noticed that his skin was in horrible shape… he was also malnourished and anemic.

Upon rescuing him, they decided to name him Mercurio. They knew there was no time to waste, so they took him to a veterinarian clinic.

While there, he ate a lot of food, as he was basically starving, and the vets made sure to give him proper medical treatment.

rescued puppy in the yard
Source: YouTube

On first look, they cleared him quickly because he managed to recover pretty fast, and this meant that his rescuers could now take him to a shelter.

After being transferred, he could finally enjoy being a puppy, which meant playing, exploring, and running around.

His rescuers were so happy for the progress he has made, and they want him to find a good family.

While it is not made clear if he was adopted or not, we are sure that he is somewhere enjoying his life and going on many new adventures.