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Young Puppy Stuck In A Can Was Saved By Amazing Ohio Firefighters

Young Puppy Stuck In A Can Was Saved By Amazing Ohio Firefighters

We often take for granted what brave people like firefighters do for the community every day.

We all know that their work is dangerous and difficult, but many people often do not respect that enough.

However, when those same firefighters do something noble, such as saving a poor little dog, news quickly spreads and makes people aware of the importance of their work.

Just such a piece of news celebrated a fire department whose employees saved the life of a small, helpless puppy.

The Firefighters Showed A Big Heart

smiling firefighter holding cute puppy in hand
Source: Facebook

On Saturday, November 25, 2023, Brunswick Firefighters got a call about a little puppy whose head got stuck in a can. 

It was a 25-day-old Lab puppy named Dasher, from Heaventree Creek Labradors, a group of breeders located in Brunswick, Ohio. 

In their post, the breeders said that after discovering Dasher with the can over his head, they drilled a breathing hole into the can before taking him to the fire station.

When they came to the fire station, the firefighters got to work, and the main “can executioner” was FF Nick DiSalvo.

“FF DiSalvo was able to successfully extricate him using a pair of our trauma shears,” Brunswick Hills Firefighters wrote in the post on their official Facebook Profile

firefighter with saved dog
Source: Facebook

The operation was successful and “the patient” was even cuter than before. 

Breeders, As Well As Readers, Expressed Their Gratitude

messages for saving the dog
Source: Facebook

Brunswick Hills Fire and Rescue boasted about this endeavor on their official Facebook profile, with the caption, “Sometimes our patients are someone’s fur baby.”

Readers were more than delighted with their brave actions and big hearts, posting many positive comments under the post. 

One reader wrote: “The good stuff! Awesome guys.”

“Oh how sweet. He looks to young to even do that. BHFD wonderful job,” another one added.

And, a third quipped: “Typical Lab going right for the food!”

The Heaventree Creek Labradors also thanked the firefighters for their selfless help.

“We can’t express our gratitude enough,” Heaventree Creek Labradors commented under the station’s post. “So glad you had that tool. Nothing we had could have gotten him out safely! It was an empty can of Esbilac (puppy milk) that we think the dam snuck into them.”

They also added that this left a mark on their little paw, but nothing terrible or irreparable.

“He’s a little leery now of holes and cans,” they said, adding. “Pretty sure he learned a valuable lesson.”