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Tiny Puppy Found On The Side Of A Road Becomes Shelter Sweetheart

Tiny Puppy Found On The Side Of A Road Becomes Shelter Sweetheart

Once you decide to show kindness to a stray dog, you will get a friend for a lifetime! 

This couldn’t be more true in the case of Milo, the tiny, stray puppy who was found on the side of a road. 

He was still an infant when a kind family noticed him walking in the middle of nowhere. They spared no time, and immediately rushed to help the pup. Little did they know that they had saved a true performer!

Milo – The Miracle Puppy

woman holding little puppy
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Milo was brought to Howl Of A Dog facility at only months of age. Helpless, hungry, and with zero doggo manners, this pup didn’t even know how to behave like a dog. 

According to the Howl Of A Dog team, he was probably abandoned by someone, as they found him in the middle of nowhere. The family spotted him on the road, far away from any village or city

It was a true miracle that he even survived on his own, given that Milo had absolutely no idea how to fend for himself.

“He was truly lucky to be rescued just in time, as it was already getting dark outside and he was walking along the road where cars kept passing by. Since there was no city or village nearby, and no other dogs, it is very likely that he had been abandoned there,” they wrote.

adorable tiny puppy
Source: Howl Of A Dog

At the time, Milo didn’t know how to potty or even enter his tiny bed. He was taken away from his mom too soon. 

“He was only 5-6 weeks old when he was rescued,” his caregivers wrote.

But, the HOAD team took things slowly. The team provided him with all the care he needed, including Milo’s first vaccine that he took like a true champ. And, in only a few days, Milo’s personality started to come out, captivating everyone’s hearts!

He Steals The Spotlight

cute puppy biting a toy ball
Source: Howl Of A Dog

As it turns out, Milo has been a real entertainer all along – he just needed some time to acclimate to the new environment. After only a few days, this sweet boi became everyone’s favorite!

He is so full of personality, and always on the go! Milo absolutely loves all hoomans, and he’s all about the attention. He’s literally a star of the shelter, and will do absolutely anything to get his caregivers to play. 

He’s mad about squeaky toys and peoples’ shoelaces, and he seizes every opportunity to play with them!

puppy biting mans shoe
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Still, his all-time favorite friend is his new shelter buddy – the doggo girl named Cora. 

Even though she’s a lot bigger and already an adult dog, Cora and Milo have a blast on a daily basis! Okay, he can sometimes get a little spunky, but Cora doesn’t mind. She has been so patient with Milo all this time.

Milo’s still learning basic puppy manners and socialization, but he’s almost there! When the time comes, the HOAD team hopes that he will find the perfect home, and he deserves nothing less. 

He’s truly an amazing pup who’s going to make some family really happy!