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Puppy Saved From Bag With Sister Heartbroken To See Her Leave The Shelter With Her New Family

Puppy Saved From Bag With Sister Heartbroken To See Her Leave The Shelter With Her New Family

Being forced to leave the side of the ones you love is not a pretty situation. Especially when it means leaving them for good!

When Fresa and her pup sibling, Flora, were saved from cruel abandonment, never did this sweet tan girl imagine that she’d watch her sister leave one day. But, as usual, life had other plans.

After only a few days, a kind family showed up at the shelter’s doorstep. They came with the plan of adopting Flor, leaving Fresa utterly confused and heartbroken.

They Only Had Each Other

Before they ended up at Pet Rescue Solutions, from South El Monte, California, Flor and Fresa had storms to weather. Their previous owner cruelly abandoned them in a paper bag and left them without a fighting chance.

Alone, traumatized, and just too weak to fend for themselves, I cannot even begin to imagine their fear. They must’ve been so scared as they struggled to breathe in that tiny bag.

Luckily, after some time, a kind biker spotted the two and immediately stopped in his tracks. Saving Flor and Fresa was not a choice anymore, but a matter of humanity. He scooped them up and brought them to the rescue without thinking.

“A Good Samaritan on a bike spotted something wiggling in a bag and rescued these two precious girls. Meet Flor, our brindle little puppy, and Fresa, our tan sweetheart,” PRS wrote in an Instagram post.

Flor and Fresa didn’t know life without each other, really. In fact, all they had in this world was each other.

Little by little, they slowly came out of their shells. They eventually became furiends with everyone, including the big dogs. It was just so adorable seeing these teeny-tiny pups every time they crawled onto their giant siblings, looking for a cuddle.

All of a sudden, life became perfect. Then, Flor got the bittersweet news.

Heartbreaking Goodbye

Flor and her family-to-be couldn’t be more excited about this massive change in their lives. After all the ups and downs in the past, the day had finally arrived. The hoomans. The home. The family that this brindle sweetheart never had. The life that she so eagerly expected.

“We are thrilled to share the heartwarming news that FLOR one of our rescued puppies, who was found with her sibling in a paper bag, has found her forever home,” the rescue wrote on Instagram.

There was only one loose end – her sister, Fresa

While Flor was greeting her new family, Fresa remained sitting in the stroller, the one in which she and her sister had unforgettable adventures. She had so many questions popping into her head.

Who are these people? Why are they holding my sister in their hands? 

Wait, are they leaving?

Then, she realized. Her beloved sibling was leaving her, and it wasn’t only for a day. The two parted ways forever that day, leaving a huge void in each other’s lives.

Fresa was so heartbroken. She couldn’t bear the thought of Flor missing in the shelter, as she was practically her other half. She spent days healing from this huge loss, but luckily, she wasn’t alone anymore.

She had a whole family of other doggo siblings to console her. And just the best caregivers!

Even though she and Flor closed one chapter in their lives, there’s no doubt that Fresa, too, will find a loving home. She just needs the perfect timing!