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Hungry Puppy Needed Food To Survive But His Rescuers Did Something Even Better

Hungry Puppy Needed Food To Survive But His Rescuers Did Something Even Better

For a dog, every day on its own without its loving human is nothing but survival. These creatures are strongly bonded to humans, and sometimes even helpless without them. 

Unfortunately, there are more and more stray and abandoned dogs on the streets nowadays, so it is hard for all those soft-hearted people to help them all. 

Because of this, it is always heart-warming to hear a story about saving a poor, abandoned pup from the streets and securing him a new, happy life that he truly deserves. 

Finally Rescued From A Miserable Life Of Survival

cute gray puppy
Source: YouTube

There are too many stray dogs on the streets, so those who are in need the most are often not noticed enough and can not be helped. 

One tiny, lame dog, cruelly abandoned by its owner, literally ate garbage to survive until one day, luck smiled on him.

When a good woman noticed him approaching her on the street and whining for some food, she could not remain immune to that sweet look on his face, as well as desperation in his eyes. 

gray puppy laying down
Source: YouTube

She immediately took him in her arms and put him in a box that was given to her by a lady who worked in a nearby shop as soon as she heard what it was about.

At first, Sanjo, as she called him, didn’t trust his rescuer, which was very reasonable, considering what he had been through. 

However, when he experienced the warm home, as well as a warm bath and lots of love and attention that she was giving him, he began to open up. 

Only now, his new life could begin. 

Tough Recovery Full Of Ups And Downs

cute puppy bathing
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Sanjo’s new mom first brought him to a vet clinic to have him examined and to determine his health condition. 

After he was given a comprehensive checkup, the vet acknowledged that he had some skin problems and was malnourished. 

Unfortunately, this small clinic was not equipped enough to provide more detailed health findings, so it was necessary for the owner to take him to a bigger and better pet clinic.

Since she was determined to “put a smile back on this little dog’s face”, she did so. After a detailed examination with the help of X-rays, they finally found that Sanjo suffered from congenital dysplasia

This means that the puppy was semi-paralyzed because his back leg wasn’t in function. The problem was that the chance of successful surgical correction was very low and that the operation was quite expensive. 

An alternative solution would be a nutritious diet and keeping his body weight under control. At that moment, she had no other choice but to decide on that method.

Things went pretty well from that point on. Sanjo liked all the attention and love he received and, after being used to bad food from the streets, he wasn’t a picky eater at all.

puppy laying down
Source: YouTube

He was playful and full of love and joy, and it was not a problem for him to walk for a long time or to climb mountains, considering his health condition.

However, after ten days, things changed a little. He was no longer as joyful as before, and he didn’t even want to eat everything that was put in front of him. It was like he was depressed. 

Then, his mom decided to get a little more involved in his potential surgery. She managed to find an excellent doctor who told her that the femoral head of the left leg could be removed without the risk of remaining paralyzed.

Since she did not want to give up her Sanjo at any cost, her mother saved some money and took her puppy in to surgery. 

grey puppy sleeping
Source: YouTube

The operation was successful and Sanjo regained his smile very quickly. He knew that the best days of his new life were finally coming.

The Journey Of His New Life

dog owner and sunset
Source: YouTube

Sanjo was successfully recovering, and was the happiest dog in the world at that moment. Everything he lacked in the harsh beginning of his life, he now finally had.

To celebrate his new life, his mom, along with a friend, decided to take him on a trip. No one enjoyed that moment more than Sanjo. His leg fully recovered and he was finally free to run, climb mountains, and meet new friends.

At one point, while they were walking in the forest, he got a little lost, only to be found by a mountain ranger who also had a dog.

Eager for the love and friendship that he had been missing all those years, Sanjo immediately managed to make friends with that dog as well as charm its owner with his positive energy.

Wherever he went, this reborn puppy brought with him positive vibes that no one could remain immune to.

Although, like every dog, he had his mischief, Sanjo slowly grew into a beautiful, big dog who continued to brighten his mother’s days.

dog laying in garden
Source: YouTube

However, in her eyes, he has forever remained a small, sweet lollipop of an innocent look that brought him into her life.