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Tiny Puppy Found All Alone At Indianapolis International Airport

Tiny Puppy Found All Alone At Indianapolis International Airport

For dogs, being apart from their owners for days is a traumatic experience, let alone being abandoned – for good! 

On November 6, 2023, an Indiana rescue posted a call for information about a tiny dog that was found all alone at the airport. The dog, symbolically named Boeing, was allegedly abandoned by his owner.

The good people of Speedway Animal Rescue immediately rushed into action to help this poor dog out, not knowing that his story would soon make headlines all over the country.

Boeing’s Vague Situation

Nobody knows what the real story behind Boeing’s abandonment is. However, the rescue staff suspects that this tiny canine was left at the Indiana airport, as he didn’t have a health certificate, so the owner decided to move on without him.

“The airport is doing everything they can to investigate this matter.  They are leaving Boeing’s care up to us, and we are leaving the investigation up to them,” the SAR team wrote on Facebook.

The rescue immediately posted a call for information on their social media, asking the potential owner to step up. 

When found, Boeing had several stitches in his leg. He is no older than six months, and he doesn’t have a microchip that could identify who his humans are.

In no time, the rescue’s inbox got flooded with countless emails from people all over the country. Hundreds of people reached out to check on this little boi.

Many of them reached out to inquire about adopting Boeing, too. However, the rescue explained that the pup needs to be held for two weeks in order to give his first owner time to contact them.

Boeing’s injuries needed vet intervention, and the dog was afterward sent to a permanent foster home for further care.

Waiting For The Answer

The rescue is still in the process of finding more information about Boeing. Even though they still haven’t found the original owner, the staff is inclined to wait the appropriate amount of time before the puppy is relocated to a new home.

And, despite many applicants that would love to provide this fluffy pooch with a loving home, the rescue decided to give the family who already adopted from the rescue the right to adopt first.

“He has a pending adoption with proven adopters.  We are sorry, but we will not budge on this family,” SAR wrote.

In the meantime, Boeing got an amazing transformation at the groomer. This playful pup looks like a brand-new dog after the much-needed haircut, and he’s completely healed. On November 10, the rescue stated that he received a totally clean bill of health.

He’s currently enjoying his foster home, waiting for the day to finally go to a furever home he truly deserves. Thanks to his giant-hearted rescuers, we’re absolutely pawsitive that when the time comes – Boeing will go in the right direction!