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Abandoned Puppy Left At A Shelter In Pennsylvania Learns How To Trust Humans Again

Abandoned Puppy Left At A Shelter In Pennsylvania Learns How To Trust Humans Again

Shelters are certainly not the best solution for dogs. However, they can be life-saving for some, and be a springboard for pups to a better life.

The importance of shelters, and especially animal rescuers who work day and night to save as many lives as possible, was shown by the example of one abandoned dog who restored his faith in people right in the shelter.

“Slush was found in a fenced-in park area a few days ago, in Pittston, Pennsylvania. His finders held onto him until we had an opening,” a spokesperson from Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge in Dallas, Pennsylvania, told Newsweek.

He wasn’t in a good state when he was found, but an amazing thing was about to happen. 

His Transformation Was A Miracle

When animal rescuers brought Slush to the shelter, his facial expression was the perfect reflection of a sad dog haunted by the trauma of abandonment.

In addition, his physical condition was not ideal, as this petite Pit Bull mix weighed only 25 pounds when he arrived. 

Slush was in a state of deep fear, and at first, he did not allow anyone to get too close to him. If someone tried, he would immediately start growling and barking frantically.

“He was petrified,” Blue Chip said for Newsweek. This could easily be seen in the picture that the people in the shelter took just a few moments after his arrival, posting it on Facebook

Although they thought that regaining his trust would be a long and burdensome process, something they did not expect happened quickly. It was nothing short of a miracle, or better said, a miraculous transformation.

In a matter of hours, the shy and terrified dog transformed into a completely new personality, embodying the joy and exuberance expected of a happy canine companion. 

“He is a completely new dog now, acting how a normal happy puppy should act,” the rescue said according to Newsweek, also posting a new, happy picture on Facebook

His rescuers and the people at the shelter were still positively shocked. However, this was just proof of how much the dog sometimes needs the right people around him to blossom and show his true beauty. 

One could say that this is especially true for misunderstood dogs such as Pit Bulls.

He Deserves A New Chance

In such a short time, this six-month-old pup was already looking for his new home. His facial expression showed that after such an incredible transformation, he just needed a happy ending. 

Blue Chip posted the pictures on their official Facebook page with the title, “The face of an abandoned puppy when he first arrives at the shelter vs the face of an abandoned puppy when he starts to trust!♥️”.

In the same post, they also emphasized that, “he’s a very sweet boy, still being nervous at first, but warms up quickly”.

They stated that he would do best with dog-experienced kids who won’t overwhelm him, and that he is very affectionate and enjoys being held once he starts to trust. 

“He has so much potential to blossom into the absolute best boy, all he needs is a true family to love and care for him forever,” they wrote at the end. 

Just as he positively shocked the rescuers with his incredible transformation, we do not doubt that he will do the same to his new family. 

This good boy is destined for great things.