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Crying Puppy Hit By A Car Spends Days In A Ditch Waiting For Help

Crying Puppy Hit By A Car Spends Days In A Ditch Waiting For Help

They say that saving one dog will not change the world, but it will surely change the world of that particular dog.

This is the story of Odis – a truly inspiring canine whose life story brings awareness and inspires us to save many more!

Throughout his whole journey, Odis showed nothing but resilience and bravery. Despite his disability and a terrible start in life, he never, ever gave up. And, his strength only grew with every new day!

Odis’s Inspiring Journey

Years ago, this tiny pooch was found crying in a ditch, where he was left for three days and three nights. Odis was not able to move at all, as he suffered a terrible spinal cord injury from being hit by a car.

He was saved by a group of kind-hearted volunteers from a local dog rescue, where his life took a completely different turn.

“Odis was ran over by a car as a puppy and left in a ditch crying for three days. They saved him and fostered him between the volunteers,” Heather wrote on Instagram.

In the beginning, Odis was fostered between volunteers until he went to foster home number one. Then, after five years of thriving among different people, Heather came into the picture as foster mom number two

She was so grateful for having an opportunity to provide Odis with everything that he ever needed! And, as a bonus, he got three small-breed siblings who accepted him in a heartbeat!

Odis is naturally a very affectionate dog, except when he’s eating. Even though he’s quite tolerant about his personal space, he still exhibits food aggression, which is likely the consequence of his three-day trauma in a ditch. 

“He’s not resource guarding with toys, but when it comes to food, he will fight you,” Heather told GeoBeats Animals.

Other than that, he’s just happy to be a part of the pack! Besides his disability, Odis is super healthy and strong, and he surprises his foster momma on a daily basis!

The Happiest Boi Ever

If it wasn’t for his customized doggo wheelchair, nobody would notice that Odis is a special-needs dog. Sometimes, he even manages to walk on all four of his legs, showing that he truly is a fighter.

All this time, Odis has never given up on life, and he’s looking forward to every new day with such enthusiasm.

He loves being included in all kinds of activities, but most of all – he loves spending time with his packmates. Even in outdoor activities, Odis doesn’t lag behind his buddies. He’s always there, keeping up with everybody! 

He recently celebrated his 7th birthday, and his mom couldn’t be happier.

“Thank you for your forever smiley face, your unlimited love and cuddles for our entire pack,” she wrote on Instagram.

Heather is grateful that Odis chose her family to be his forever home. And, she’s even more grateful to be able to learn from her dog to be brave with each new day. Heather saved Odis, but in a way, he saved her, too.

And, from now on, he will never have to worry about finding another home again!