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Puppy Hiding From The Heavy Rain In The Corner Of A Building Waits For Someone To Save Him

Puppy Hiding From The Heavy Rain In The Corner Of A Building Waits For Someone To Save Him

Abandoning a small puppy and leaving him to fend for himself is probably one of the worst things anyone can do.

Yet, it still happens. When we think about why someone would do this, it’s hard to get a proper answer. But, I think that neglect and lack of empathy for animals is the crucial factor.

It’s so simple to do the bare minimum, call for a rescue, and help a dog in need, but yet that is often ignored, which is why such things happen.

In this story, we will talk about a sweet puppy who was found hiding in a corner of a building from the freezing weather and a heavy rain.

Theo Is Hoping For A Rescue

dog shaking
Source: YouTube

When Theo was first found, it was thanks to a kind rescuer, Zarena, who noticed his suffering and couldn’t just sit back and do nothing.

Upon noticing him curled up in the corner of a building, she rushed to his aid and decided to save him from this awful place.

His rescuer was particularly heartbroken to see what he was forced to go through simply because nobody was there to help him.

veterinarian examining the dog
Source: YouTube

The poor baby must have been so terrified that he did not dare move anywhere because he was afraid of getting injured.

After saving him from the heavy rain, Theo was taken to a shelter where he received a nice, warm bath so he could get clean and finally rest for a little bit.

Theo’s Hopeful Recovery

puppy at home
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Soon after, they had to take him to a veterinarian clinic because he had quite a few health problems that needed to be addressed.

Theo was drowsy, had a loose stool, and was also vomiting quite often. This was not a good sign, but the vets would try everything they could to help him.

His temperature was also high, so he received all the necessary medication to help him get through this rough patch.

Some time had gone by and Theo’s health had improved a lot. He was feeling much better and even started wagging his tail a little bit.

human hand cuddling puppy
Source: YouTube

His energy levels had gone up and he was starting to get in the mood for playing again. It was amazing to see.

The veterinarians made sure to give him lots of food and water. Now that his health is okay, he enjoys his many meals without any problem.

Because he would eat his food very fast, the staff gave him a food puzzle in an effort to help him slow down a little, so he could chew properly.

Theo’s New Opportunity

puppy playing with toy
Source: YouTube

He even started to bark now that he was feeling a lot more confident. Other dogs also loved playing with him, which was wonderful.

Now that he is completely out of the woods and healthy enough, it was time for Theo to get his first shots, which, of course, went fine.

He was now finally ready. His rescuers placed him on an adoption list and decided to look for a forever home for him.

When the time came, a wonderful person came for Theo and took him to a new home where he wouldn’t have to worry ever again.

In the end, even though small Theo had gone through a lot, his story has a happy ending and he is now enjoying life with his amazing new mom.