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Puppy Found Tied Up To A Pole Falls In Love With Her New Mom

Puppy Found Tied Up To A Pole Falls In Love With Her New Mom

Meet Brianna – a wonderful soul from New Jersey, whose heart has always longed to rescue a furry friend. The moment she laid eyes on the adorable puppy named Grace, it was a match made in heaven, and she couldn’t resist bringing her home.

Grace’s journey began with Jersey Pits Rescue – a compassionate, foster-based organization in New Jersey dedicated to giving love and care to stray, abandoned, and surrendered dogs. 

When they found Grace, she was in a pitiful state – emaciated, scared, and tied up to a pole on the side of the road, desperately in need of a helping hand.

Rescuing Grace

skinny dog standing
Source: Youtube

Grace immediately captured everyone’s attention with her enchanting eyes, effortlessly peering into the depths of the soul.

The initial encounter between Brianna and Grace unfolded at a charming local park in New Jersey. 

Grace, in her timid and fearful state, had her tail tucked between her legs, and she was crouched down, expressing vulnerability that tugged at Brianna’s heart. 

That’s when Brianna realized that she needed to patiently earn Grace’s trust and gently pave the paw for a deeper connection. 

woman kissing skinny dog
Source: Youtube

“After a few minutes, she kind of opened up and let me love on her a little bit. And then, I had her in the car and I think at that point she knew she was going home,” Brianna told The Dodo

Throughout this whole encounter, Grace maintained her naturally-calm demeanor, and this was evident even during the ride to her new home when she simply snoozed comfortably in the seat. 

“In the beginning, she was just constantly looking for food. It was almost like she was nervous. She would get food, and then she’d be nervous that she wasn’t gonna get it again,” Brianna said. 

Witnessing Grace in such a state was truly heart-wrenching, as it was clear that she had endured a past where the simple joy of having enough to eat was sadly absent.

However, slowly but surely, she learned that she should not ever fear for food because she finally found her forever home. 

Grace’s Forever Home 

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Source: Youtube

Grace swiftly developed deep affection for her new mom, forming a strong bond that manifested in her sticking close to her side, as if they were inseparable companions.

She suffered from separation anxiety, in fear that once again, she would be abandoned on the side of the road. 

“As soon as I turned my back, she thought I was leaving. She howls and barks, and she cries. Anywhere I went in the house, she was there,” Brianna explained.  

Grace had spent her entire life outdoors, and the concept of living anywhere other than the streets was unfamiliar to her. Fortunately, Brianna, understanding the challenge, was committed to working with Grace in order to help her acclimate to a new, loving indoor environment.

a dog in a walk
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The more Grace trusted Brianna, the more relaxed and calm she became. Together, Brianna and Grace dedicated significant effort to outdoor walks, and the consistent practice made a noticeable difference in Grace’s progress.

“She’s getting more comfortable in our space together. She’s definitely come out of her shell. She knows that she’s gonna be fed. She knows that I’m not gonna leave her. I fell in love. It was instantaneous. This is my soulmate,” Brianna said. 

Certain dogs require extra love and care in the initial stages, but the love and affection they give in return is so worth it.  

Brianna entered Grace’s life exactly when this poor dog needed it the most, providing her with the life she had always yearned for and dreamed of having.

dog with blue shirt
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“I’m not giving up this dog up,” said Brianna. “There’s something about this dog, I’m not giving up on her. This is my dog, and I’m gonna make it happen.” 

Grace is undoubtedly living her best life, being showered with treats and unconditional love every single day, and I am so happy for her. 

Thank you, Brianna, and Jersey Pit Rescue, for saving this precious soul.