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Abandoned Puppy Found Inside A Box Gets A Second Chance At Life

Abandoned Puppy Found Inside A Box Gets A Second Chance At Life

Newborn puppies are probably the sweetest and most innocent creatures you can imagine. Nowadays, it’s common for many of them to go through many hardships, even at that age.

They spend the better part of their youth frightened and starved for help. Most would do anything to just get any kind of acknowledgment from other people.

As for the puppy in this story, he was found abandoned inside a box and given a new makeover.

Little Abby

portrait of a black puppy at the vet
Source: The Dodo

When Abby was first surrendered to a shelter in Houston, she was found inside a box. One of her rescuers, Dina, told The Dodo: She was just this tiny, little puppy and she was scared, she was shaking.

They also noted that she was covered in blisters and was just in awful condition. She needed medical help very badly.

The treatment for her skin would alleviate the problems for a bit and Abby would relax… so much so that her little tail would start wagging.

Dina noticed that she really wanted to make it through this and live her life like a normal dog. And, so it happened. She would foster Abby and help her get a footing into her new life. 

a black found puppy lies wrapped in a blanket
Source: The Dodo

As time went on, Dina noticed that her blisters were still there and her condition was not improving much.

This affected Abby’s mood a lot, as she was in pain and just wanted to get better. So, she was taken to the vet in Houston again to see what could be done about it.

The veterinarians did many tests and found that she had a very rare skin disease. However, now that they knew the root cause, they could start the proper treatment.

A Big And Happy Smile

a black puppy next to the bed with a scattered toy
Source: The Dodo

Immediately afterward, there was a big change in Abby’s overall health. Her mood had also improved significantly.

Dina said: She started coming out and she started playing with the other dogs and she started sitting for treats.

She also noticed that Abby became a lot more playful, so she bought her some toys to play around with. 

Even more so, they started taking walks regularly, and it seemed like nothing made her happier than just going out in the fresh air and exploring her surroundings.

black puppy walking with its owner
Source: The Dodo

Now that she has finally recovered, it is time to look for her new family. Dina said: She has a lot of special features about her. 

She got better but her scabs took her hair so her whole head was completely hairless. She kinda looks like a gremlin.

Her teeth also grew in with an underbite, so she almost always looks like she has an adorable smile on her face.

Soon enough, though, her new family would come in and take the sweet puppy to her new home. 

While little information is known about them, one thing is for sure: Abby finally has a forever home with people who love and care for her.