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Adorable Puppy Who Was Chained In Yard Couldn’t Stop Smiling When She Realized That She Was Finally Being Rescued

Adorable Puppy Who Was Chained In Yard Couldn’t Stop Smiling When She Realized That She Was Finally Being Rescued

Many pups around the world are still forced to live in harsh environments without ever experiencing proper care and love. Luckily, there are dedicated animal rescuers who spend their lives making sure that these dogs get to live the life of their dreams.

This is one of those stories.

A pup named Aura spent most of her life chained up in a dirty and abandoned yard.

She had no access to food or water, causing her to become sick and so malnourished that her bones started showing underneath her skin.

However, when she noticed a kind-hearted hooman approaching her, she knew that her life was about to change for the better.

Finally Saved

chained dog
Source: Youtube

As soon as a dedicated rescuer heard about Aura’s story, she immediately made her way down to the place she was kept, determined to finally save her.

Seeing that the pup immediately started jumping when she got a glimpse of her, the rescuer was brought to tears. The fact that Aura didn’t lose hope after all this time was heartwarming.  

Aura greeted her rescuers in the sweetest way, jumping and hugging her legs, thanking her for doing all of this just for her.

poor skinny dog
Source: Youtube

The rescuer got the pup in her care as soon as possible and immediately took her to the vet.

Even in such terrible conditions, Aura did not stop smiling. While waiting for her turn to be looked at by the vet, the adorable pup kept wagging her tail and looking at her rescuer with eyes full of gratitude.

In the end, Aura was diagnosed with heartworm. Because of this, the vets discovered that she had fluid in her abdomen. But, not to worry… the vets quickly drained the fluid and kept the pup at the clinic for constant observation.  

woman holding dog
Source: Youtube

Brand-New Pup

Since Aura was a very strong and sweet girl, it came as no surprise to her hoomans when she made a full recovery in no time.

She gained a lot of healthy weight and continued being the happy and adorable pup that she was from the beginning.

blond woman cuddling with dog
Source: Youtube

When her rescuer came to pick her up from the clinic, she couldn’t believe that this was the same dog she rescued!

Aura was now off to her new foster home where she would continue her new, incredible life full of people who love and care for her.

dog with pink harness
Source: Youtube

This happy pup is now spending her days relaxing, having fun with her doggo sibling, and cuddling with her loving hoomans. She was able to completely forget about her dark past and finally enjoy being a dog!

I am sure that she will find a loving family in no time who will offer her a warm bed and yummy food and never chain her up again.

Good luck, Aura!

dog standing in wood
Source: Youtube

Stop Dog Brutality

No dog deserves to live the life Aura was forced to live most of her life.

Dogs are fun, happy, and active animals who require daily exercise. If they are chained up for longer periods and are unable to move, this may cause them to become sad, depressed, and even violent.

If you notice any form of animal abuse, it is important to report it to your local animal shelter, as it plays a crucial role in raising awareness about the ethical treatment of animals, as well as the consequences of cruelty.

Remember, animals have emotions just like hoomans do, and mistreating them can have serious consequences on their overall well-being.