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Puppy Who Became Homeless After Owner Ended Up In Jail Got A Second Chance At Love

Puppy Who Became Homeless After Owner Ended Up In Jail Got A Second Chance At Love

In a matter of seconds, your life can change forever. That is exactly what happened to this adorable little puppy, whose life took an unexpected turn when his owner ended up in jail, leaving him homeless. 

Not only did he lose the only person he loved and considered his own, but he also felt lost and alone. 

The poor little pooch was way too young for something like that to happen. Thankfully, when this horrible thing happened, the kind neighbors provided him with a shelter, but he still needed a place to call home. 

Whirlwind Of Life

The touching story of this little puppy who suddenly ended up being homeless reached Lee Asher, a renowned animal rescuer from Oregon, who immediately took action. 

“Long story short, the neighbor has the dog and since the previous owner is going to jail for a very long time, the neighbor was not prepared to keep the dog right now,” Lee Asher said in one of his videos. 

Lee couldn’t bear the thought of a little puppy going to a shelter or possibly ending up on the street, so he immediately decided to rescue him and give him the life he deserved. 

When he first laid eyes on the adorable little pup, his heart completely melted from cuteness. 

All the puppy ever wanted was just to be loved, and Lee was the best person to give him that. 

He scooped him up into his arms and showered him with kisses, and the little pooch simply melted, finally getting some love after a truly hard period of his already short life. 

“I can’t even imagine how confused he must have been,” Lee said. 

The original plan was to drive the whole night back to Asher’s farm in Oregon, but due to really bad traffic on the road, Asher decided to spend the night at a hotel and hang out a bit with the pup. 

A Happy Ending 

“I wanted to gain his trust early, so he could finally just relax and let his guard down,” Lee said.  

Everything seemed to be working really well and the little pooch was quickly starting to love his new dad.

When he decided to lay on the bed, the puppy immediately crawled up to cuddle, snuggling into Lee’s shoulder and giving his new dad a kiss. 

It was truly an adorable moment, which gave Lee the hope that everything would be okay in the end. 

When they finally arrived at the Asher House, the little pooch – later named Duke – got along with the pack so well, which made Lee happy to see. 

“Nothing makes me happier than bringing in the dog and immediately seeing how much they love the pack,” Lee said.

Duke made a lot of friends at the Asher House, and everyone loved him. However, there was this one person who developed a particularly strong bond with him. 

Duke ended up being adopted by Lee’s good friend, Jessica, who actually works for the Asher House and has worked with them for many years now. 

She and Duke have a really special bond, and although it was emotionally difficult for Lee to give up his rescue baby, he knew that Jessica was the right fit and the perfect person to provide him a forever home. 

“I’m happy for him because I know he’ll be happier. I definitely wish it was different, but, you know, there’s certain dogs that I wish would be pack dogs, and he just wants one person or a family. I do love him though,” Lee said in the update video

Duke still gets to stay in the family and see Lee every week, so his whirlwind of a story couldn’t have a better ending.