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Poor Puppy Attacked By Another Dog Was Desperate For Help And Then His Rescuers Came

Poor Puppy Attacked By Another Dog Was Desperate For Help And Then His Rescuers Came

The animal world can be a bit cruel sometimes, especially to small puppies who have only recently started living their lives.

A lot of these strays just live from day to day but they never expect that something horrible could happen to them.

They do their best to scavenge or beg for food wherever they can, but most of them end up being ignored by other people.

For the dog we will talk about in this story, he was unlucky enough to get attacked by another dog who inflicted injuries on him, but help was almost there to aid him.

Puppy Was Seriously Injured

desperate puppy
Source: Youtube

When a group of rescuers were made aware of Chance and his unfortunate accident, they rushed to help as soon as they could.

They arrived at the location where he was last spotted and found that he was somewhat seriously injured.

After they placed him in a warm blanket inside a car, he kept on crying the whole time as he must have been in serious pain.

It’s truly heartbreaking to see just how much he had struggled and the way he’d been injured by another dog.

puppy laying on blue towel
Source: Youtube

The rescuers rushed Chance to an ER Vet in California as fast as possible and they were there in no time. They carefully took him inside so that the vet could have a look at him.

After the examination, they confirmed that he had some tissue trauma from the injury but nothing that would leave any permanent damage.

With medication, rest, and some food, he will recover in no time. He was going to have to stay there for a while, but the rescuers were happy that he had such amazing people caring for him.

Chance Is Looking Much Better

adorable puppy
Source: Youtube

After about five days, there was a change in his attitude. He was no longer so timid and always welcomed the vet staff when they came to check up on him.

Some more time went by and the rescuers decided to find him a wonderful foster family with whom he could live until they found a more permanent home for him.

In their care, Chance had completely changed his personality. He is always happy and is slowly learning how to behave like a dog.

With each day, he becomes more outgoing and his foster parents just adore him. They take him to play outside all the time, and he just loves it.

two dogs laying together
Source: Youtube

However, nobody really expected just how quickly he would find a new home. After less than three weeks, his rescuers had already found a new family for him in New York.

Chance was taken into his forever home, where he met everyone and they fell in love with him at that very moment.

His rescuers are so happy that he is finally living a normal life with people who will always be there for him.