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A Puppy And A Kitten Who Were Rejected By Their Mothers Become The Most Pawdorable Friends

A Puppy And A Kitten Who Were Rejected By Their Mothers Become The Most Pawdorable Friends

Even though the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” is really common in today’s world, there is a very heartwarming truth to it: these furry babies can actually be best friends!

Yes, you heard it right. Cats and dogs aren’t really frenemies as we were told. More often than not, cats and dogs can become inseparable friends who love spending time together, enjoy each other’s company, and even snuggle up for a nap together.

If you still aren’t convinced that this is possible, allow me to introduce an adorable kitten named Kangaroo and a sweet puppy named Possum – an incredible duo who stuck together in the toughest period of their lives.

Runts Of The Litter

When a foster carer by the name of Emilie Rackovan, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, heard about a litter of puppies in search of a loving home to grow up in, she immediately set out to find them perfect fosters.

“The mom was brought to my local animal control while in active labor and gave birth to two puppies on the way, and the other six once she was at the shelter. Since the shelter isn’t a great place to raise babies, they asked if I could take her,” Rackovan told Newsweek.

Rackovan managed to find a loving hooman who was more than happy to take them in. However, when she came to pick them up, she noticed that Possum, one of the puppies from the litter, was smaller than the rest.

“Possum was about a third of the size of the others and very skinny, so I took her in as a bottle baby. The goal was to reunite her with the rest of the puppies, but she’s still so small. So we’ll see if I can reunite them once she grows a bit more,” she added.

Coincidentally, Kangaroo, the kitten, had a very similar story.

“Kangaroo is from a litter of seven kittens, I’m fostering the mom and babies. Mom gave birth to them in a stray cat colony caretaker’s garage, which also isn’t a great place to raise babies! I trapped mom and took her and the kittens for foster,” Rachovan stated.

The Wisconsin animal rescuer added that taking care of runts of litters isn’t as easy as it may look. Being the caregiver to baby animals was already super challenging because of their extreme vulnerabilities. Runts, however, have a very weak immune system and are more likely to have congenital defects.

Rachovan also added that because they are so fragile, they demand close attention as well as a lot of support and care from their foster parents.

Best Friends Forever

As she was caring for these two sweet babies, Rachovan decided that it would be a good idea to introduce them to each other, hoping that they would get along and become best friends.

“Neither wanted to be alone and they would cry and cry, so I tried putting them together. They immediately became inseparable,” she stated happily.

As soon as the two met, they immediately snuggled up next to each other and went to sleep. Now, the only time they cry is to alert their foster that it’s lunchtime.

As time went on, Kangaroo and Possum grew bigger and healthier, allowing them to finally return to their mom and siblings.

Rachovan is sure that these sweet babies will find their way into loving forever homes in due time, but for now, she hopes that their story will inspire hoomans and make them realize just how incredible animals truly are.

So, next time you see a cat and a dog snuggling up together, remember that friendships know no species.

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