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A Puppy Abandoned On The Side Of A Road Felt Sad And Lonely Until Her Rescuers Gave Her Love

A Puppy Abandoned On The Side Of A Road Felt Sad And Lonely Until Her Rescuers Gave Her Love

All dogs yearn to be loved infinitely by their humans. Sadly, some careless owners reject and dump their furry companions and leave them to fend for themselves.

A little puppy felt so lonely and sad after she found herself on the side of a road. 

Hungry and covered in mange, she was looking around, hoping that someone would notice her and come to her aid.

The puppy’s heart craved affection, but she didn’t let herself dream of finding humans who would shower her with love.

Luckily, a giant-hearted woman came across the abandoned pooch and rushed to help her.

Pickle Receives Help And Love

The kind human felt sad to find the canine in such a bad condition. 

The pup’s skin was itchy, and she was malnourished. Her beautiful eyes were dimmed with sadness.

The woman took the puppy into her arms and drove her to the vet right away.

The moment the puppy, later named Pickle, realized that she was rescued, she felt relieved and she began wagging her tail.

Once they arrived at the clinic, the vet gave her a medical checkup and prescribed her the necessary treatment.  

Sidewalk Specials, a charity organization, took her in. 

As soon as Pickle met her rescuers, she began wagging her tail. Her sad eyes started glimmering with hope.

Rachael Sylvester, the founder of the charity organization, took Pickle home to foster her and help her heal. 

Sylvester wrapped her in blankets and snuggled with her, showering her with love.

Pickle enjoyed being cuddled. She soaked up her foster parents’ love. The pup felt so grateful to them, and she planted many kisses on their faces.

Making Friends

The fur baby was delighted to meet Joe, her foster sibling, and a resident dog at Sidewalk Specials. 

Joe and Pickle started getting along and spending a lot of time together. The two canines formed a strong bond. 

Joe usually didn’t like sharing his Teddy bears, but he shared them with Pickle. 

The furbaby felt happy because she had her first furry friend.

Pickle loved staying with her foster parents. The pooch felt overjoyed because she finally received the love she always dreamed of. She couldn’t imagine living with anyone else.

Finding A Loving Home

It didn’t take long for Pickle to steal the heart of her foster parents. They fell deeply in love with her, and they knew that they had to give her a forever home. 

The pup felt over the moon. She covered her parents with cuddles.

As time went by, her skin healed completely and her new fur grew back. She turned into a happy and gorgeous princess.

Pickle lives her best life. The sweet fur baby loves going on adventures with her humans and hanging out with Joe.

Her sweet face beams with joy.

For the first time in her life, Pickle has humans who adore her. 

Her heart is filled with gratitude because she was given a chance to be happy. She got the happy ending that all canines deserve.