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Starving Puppy Abandoned In A Landfill Ate Trash To Survive And Lived In A Cardboard Box

Starving Puppy Abandoned In A Landfill Ate Trash To Survive And Lived In A Cardboard Box

No dog should live without a family and a nice, cozy home. Sadly, this isn’t the case for a plethora of pups out there that struggle to survive in the worst of places.

Streets, landfills, remote and deserted areas – these are only some of the places rescuers save thousands of doggos from every day, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

One such story was recently captured by a kind Animal Shelter team. A dog, no older than a few weeks, lived in a tiny cardboard box, far away from everyone. Without a mom or his siblings, he desperately needed help and someone to show him love!

He Struggled To Survive For Weeks

When a giant-hearted woman named Maria received a call about Bublik, she didn’t think twice. She immediately rushed to the said spot to find the poor pup, but the rescue itself wasn’t an easy one.

Bublik lived in one of the landfills, completely alone. Given the fact that there weren’t any other dogs around, her assumption was that he was abandoned there. Sadly, he didn’t have anyone to help him sooner.

Bublik found shelter in one of the old cardboard boxes that he called home. He stayed there for the most part of the day, hiding from the rain and predators. 

His only activity during the day was searching for food in the garbage, but that wasn’t a successful mission either. There wasn’t any proper food anywhere around, and all he ate was trash!

As a result, Bublik had a severely swollen belly and stomach aches from eating all those pathogens on a daily basis.

That’s why, when Maria came, this poor little boi started wagging his tail, as if he somehow knew that, from now on, everything would be alright!

Bublik was immediately taken to a nearby vet clinic, where he stayed for days. He needed 24/7 care and meds to get rid of his stomach issues. On top of that, he had eye problems that needed treatment, too.

Finally, A Home

The vet team fell in love with this resilient canine in no time. Underneath all those ‘scars’ from the previous life was a puppy eager to play and love.

He was just a good boi who needed a family, and only weeks later, his wish came true!

A woman reached out to Bublik’s rescuers to inquire about his situation, and the rest unfolded!

Bublik and his new momma fell in love with each other right off the bat. This little hero couldn’t be happier to finally go into loving arms and feel the meaning of true love.

Even though he still needed treatment, it was clear that Bublik had left his past behind. From now on, all he wanted was to spend time with his new hooman and show what a great companion he was.

Months later, Bublik fully recovered, and his eyes and stomach finally felt better. All that’s left for him now is to enjoy a new home and take on many exciting future adventures!