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Tiny Scared Puppy Abandoned At Outdoor Restroom At Only 8 Weks Of Age

Tiny Scared Puppy Abandoned At Outdoor Restroom At Only 8 Weks Of Age

Failed by his owner and left for good.

This pretty much sums up this pup’s story. In a world full of uncertainties, he had just experienced his very own when his owner discarded him heartlessly in an outdoor restroom.

Scared and completely cut off from basic humane conditions, he was forced to face the harsh reality. But, at only eight weeks of age, it was almost impossible to fight his battles alone.

Luckily, he wasn’t alone!

Just when it seemed that he had hit rock bottom, another hooman showed up.

Thrown Away To Fend For Himself

A woman noticed the puppy lying on the toilet floor and immediately rushed into action. She contacted Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control, Indiana, notifying them about the terrible shape the puppy was in. 

He was extremely malnourished. His spine was showing, and the puppy had urine-stained paws.

“This sweet boy was malnourished with his rib cage and spine showing, had urine-stained paws and overgrown nails, and was quite scared. Our medical team examined his overall health, and the main concern was getting him to a healthy weight,” the rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

Aside from providing him with medical care, the main concern was to give this sweet boi as much love as possible. With such a big trauma behind him, he was evidently scared. But, within just a few minutes, he showed his true colors!

In no time, the puppy warmed up to his saviors, as if he had always been their family.

Upon arrival at the facility, he transformed into the sweetest lapdog. He just enjoyed being loved for the first time ever! And, he definitely enjoyed being able to reciprocate!

During his recovery process, the medical team designed a special meal plan for him. The main goal was to get the pup back on track without disrupting his digestive system. 

The True Testament To How Forgiving Animals Can Be

After his rescue, the puppy was placed in a foster home – and it turned out to be the best idea ever!

This little hero has been nothing but the sweetest lovebug since the moment he met his rescuers, and now he finally got the chance to have a whole new life. 

“This precious boy has been a little wiggly angel despite being failed by the person that was supposed to care for him. Once his excitement for you calms down, he loves curling up in your warm lap. What a testament to how forgiving animals can be,” his caregivers wrote on Facebook.

The Indiana rescue reported about his amazing first day around his foster family. However, the one thing he was missing was a name, so they asked their Facebook followers to help with suggestions.

A day later, they announced the winning name!

“The puppy that was found abandoned in a porta-potty now has a name…Louie! ✨ The name translates to ‘famous warrior’,” the rescue wrote in an update.

For now, Louie will be learning socialization and doggo manners with his new siblings. Placed in a cozy home with lots of new faces and lots of love, he’s just happy to embark upon this new, exciting adventure.

When the time comes, I’m absolutely pawsitive that Louie will end up having a beautiful home just for himself. At the end of the day, a forever family who won’t let him down this time is all he asks for, and he sure deserves it!