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3 Abandoned Puppies Stayed Together Through All Hardships And They Met An Amazing Person

3 Abandoned Puppies Stayed Together Through All Hardships And They Met An Amazing Person

Suzette Hall, the founder of a California-based rescue by the name of Logan’s Legacy 29, constantly receives calls about stray pups who wander the streets of Southern California looking for a kind hooman who will offer them a helping hand.

However, one day, she received a call that wasn’t like the rest.

A Good Samaritan contacted Hall to inform her that they came across not one but three sweet pups who were roaming around an abandoned property in Compton, refusing to leave each other’s side.

Help Is On The Way

three dogs on a sidewalk
Source: Suzette Hall

As soon as Hall received this information, she immediately knew that this would be no easy task. Catching one scared pup is a very difficult thing, let alone three.

But, she knew she had to come up with a good plan as she was their only hope.

“It was beyond heartbreaking to see. They are all so tiny,” Hall wrote on Facebook.

Unfortunately, Hall’s rescue mission was unexpectedly delayed for a couple of days because her rescue van had some mechanical issues.

Luckily, her friend, Mary Nakiso, took it upon herself to visit the pups every single evening and bring them nutritious food to keep them healthy and energized while they waited for their rescuer.

abandoned pups
Source: Suzette Hall

When Hall finally managed to arrive, she was shocked to see just how loyal the pups were to each other.

“They were so scared, but they had each other. And boy, do they love each other,” Hall stated.

Hall decided to keep a distance because she didn’t want to frighten the pups by getting in their space too fast. Then, she spoke to them in a sweet and soothing tone, showering them with words of affirmation in order to show them that they were in safe hands and that there was nothing to worry about.  

Hall managed to capture the smallest pup of the three rather quickly while Nakiso tried to gain the trust of the middle one. Luckily, it didn’t take her too long, and both of the pups were safe in no time.

“The little girl loved Mary so much, and Mary was able to get her,” Hall wrote.

The smallest pup, named Oscar, and his sister, named Jolene, were anxiously waiting in the safety of Hall’s van while the rescuers went back for their older brother, Ollie.

“The third baby boy was so beyond scared, he kept going into the garage,” she wrote. 

Seeing that he just did not trust them, Hall and Nakiso decided that it would be for the best if they gave him some space to decompress while they took his siblings to the Camino Pet Hospital in California.

Second Try

Later that same evening, Hall came back to the abandoned property to try and capture Ollie again, but this time, she brought some backup.

The rescuer thought it would be easiest to set up a humane trap next to the garage in which Ollie was hiding and hope that he would enter it on his own.

photo of a backyard
Source: Suzette Hall

When she came back in the morning, she was overjoyed when she saw Ollie patiently sitting in the trap, waiting for her to come and get him.

She immediately drove the sweet boy to the vet hospital, where she reunited with his adorable siblings.

“They were all so scared. So cold, so hungry. But they were finally all safe. They had each other again,” Hall wrote.

pup sitting in a car
Source: Suzette Hall

These sweet triplets received a thorough checkup at the hospital before heading off to their foster home. Hall’s friend, Genavie Ochoa, offered to take in all three of them so that they wouldn’t be separated.

Even though Ollie still has trouble trusting hoomans, his adorable siblings are falling in love with being house dogs with every passing day.

Nevertheless, their hoomans are sure that they will manage to forget about their past in no time and completely embrace the bright days that are in front of them.

“Ollie is so scared, but the other two are so sweet and love belly rubs. These poor babies went through so much,” Hall told The Dodo.


These sweet little babies 😫 I’m trying so hard to make friends with the other one. He’s just gonna need some more time and that’s ok. They were rescued from an abandoned house in Compton. Someone left these three little babies to fend for themselves. They’re literally so tiny! If you’re interested in adopting or fostering this Chihuahua family, they’ll be with Logan‘s Legacy 29. #dog#dogs#rescue#puppies#Chihuahua#fyp#cuties#love

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I am sure that Ollie, Jolene, and Oscar will find a loving forever home where they will finally be able to completely relax and live the lives of their doggo dreams.

But, for the time being, the love and attention they receive from their foster is more than enough to make them feel at home.

“I’m sure they haven’t slept this good in a long time. They are rescued and have each other,” Hall concluded.