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Two Fearful Puppies Left Outside A Shelter In The Middle Of The NIght

Two Fearful Puppies Left Outside A Shelter In The Middle Of The NIght

When the staff at Furgiven Animal Sanctuary, located in West Memphis, Arkansas, arrived at work at 8 a.m., they noticed an empty crate in front of their facility placed by a busy road.

With many questions swirling in their minds, the staffers rushed to check the CCTV cameras. They were left shocked when they realized that two puppies were dumped in the crate during the night.

The good humans didn’t know what time exactly the fur babies were abandoned. According to the CCTV footage, the pups were seen outside the shelter at 2:30 a.m. 

Since the staff looked for them everywhere and couldn’t find them, they started fearing the worst.

The Fearful Puppies Return

Lee Ridings, the Director and Co-founder of the Arkansas sanctuary, believes that the reason why the puppies were dumped outside the sanctuary at night was because most shelters were full. 

“I’m sure they were left in the middle of the night because most shelters in the area are full and they were afraid they would be denied admission. I can’t confirm anything but based on the area I’d guess they were part of an accidental litter,” he told Newsweek.

Just like the staff, Ridings was shocked because the babies’ lives were put in danger.

“It’s already hot here this time of year but they were left next to a busy road. Their crate was dumped maybe a foot from the road. It had no bottom, instead they lined it with roofing shingles,” he added.

The staff breathed a sigh of relief when the canines returned to the place where they were abandoned at mid-morning the same day.

With eyes filled with fear and confusion, the pups started barking.

The staff tried to lure them with treats, but the puppies were too frightened to put their faith in humans again.

Trying To Win The Puppies’ Trust

The good people had to be careful not to scare the puppies on the road. They began talking to them and offering them food, trying to gain their trust. 

Since the staffers were persistent, the puppies approached them and started eating treats from their hands. 

The staff managed to put a leash over the neck of one puppy, later named Dell.

However, Dell’s sister, later named Brynn, was still terrified, and she refused to be captured. 

Having realized that Brynn needed more time, the puppies’ rescuers placed some food inside the crate and continued trying to lure her in. 

Their patience paid off because after a while, the scared puppy entered the crate. She was finally safe.

Both Fur Babies Are Brought To Safety

The giant-hearted people brought the siblings into the sanctuary.

The puppies were taken to the vet right away. The siblings were malnourished, but other than that, they were in good health.

Their shelter friends cared for them and gave them a ton of love.

After realizing that they could trust the shelter staff, the puppies began revealing their adorable disposition and melting the staffers’ hearts.

They love greeting the staff with a smile on their faces and covering their hands with sweet kisses. Their beautiful eyes now sparkle with hope and joy.

Both doggy siblings are real cuddle bugs, and they can’t wait to find their humans and shower them with kisses.

I hope that these lovely fur babies will soon find immense happiness in the arms of their forever family. 


We had two puppies dumped out front last night at 2:30am. We are on a busy road and they are very lucky to have made it back safely. Visit our bio to support Brynn and Dell, our newest, and very unexpected, intakes. #puppies #rescuepuppies #abandoned #fasBrynn #Dell #brindle #furgivenanimalsanctuary

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