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Pup With The Saddest Eyes Was Finally Rescued From Heartless Owner

Pup With The Saddest Eyes Was Finally Rescued From Heartless Owner

What all dogs need in order to be happy is a wonderful family who will give them all the love that they truly deserve.

Sadly, many canines grow up without knowing what love feels like because they end up in the hands of cruel people who abuse them.

These dogs feel sad and heartbroken. All they have is a glimmer of hope that someone will rescue them and give them a chance to discover love.

Jax was one of the canines who lived with a cruel owner who abused him and starved him. Just when Jax became hopeless and stopped dreaming of finding true love, life surprised him with a new beginning.

Rushing The Sweet Boi To The Vet

A Good Samaritan noticed an abused and starving dog who desperately needed help. They reached out to the SMART Saving Missing Animals Response Team, a non-profit organization located in Palm Coast, Florida, which helps abused and abandoned animals. 

Caroline Johnson, the founder of the rescue organization, immediately dashed to the scene. 

The moment she saw the pup for the first time, her heart shattered into pieces. The dog, named Jax, couldn’t even stand on his paws. He was very fragile and his ribs were showing.

The dog looked up at her with his incredibly sad eyes as if he was asking her to help him. Johnson picked Jax up in her arms and wrapped him in a blanket.

She carried him to her car and put him in the passenger seat. The dog kept getting closer to her until he crawled into her lap. 

Jax couldn’t stop looking at her. The pup felt grateful to Johnson because she saved him and showed him kindness and compassion. 

While she was driving him to the vet, Johnson couldn’t stop crying. She feared that Jax wouldn’t make it. The pup was very skinny. He weighed only 21 pounds. He should have been about 45 pounds. 

The vet estimated him to be around eight months old.

Love Gives Jax The Strength To Fight

Johnson held him in her arms and tenderly stroked his paw, letting him know that he was no longer alone. Jax felt safe and he melted in his rescuer’s arms. For the first time in his life, he felt that someone cared for him.

She took him home. Jax couldn’t walk, and every time he tried to make a few steps, he would fall over and start trembling.

Johnson snuggled with him and Jax’s sadness began disappearing. His adorable brown eyes filled with hope. He wagged his tail and covered his foster mom in kisses. He was determined to fight for his life.

This boy has such an amazing fighting spirit. Despite his abuse, he wags and gives kisses so happy to be around love,” Caroline wrote on Facebook.

Gradually, the doggo began putting on weight and regaining his strength. A week later, Jax was able to stand on his paws and run in the back yard.

Caroline and his family continued showering Jax with love and pampering him with care. After a month, the resilient pup gained 20 pounds. 

He became a strong and confident dog who was ready to start a new life.

Jax Feels Immensely Happy And Loved

Johnson found him a great family who couldn’t wait to dote on him and give him all their love.

As soon as Jax saw his new parents, Eric and Steve, he felt attached to them. He approached them and greeted them with many sweet kisses. His family fell in love with him right away.

“We instantly knew as soon as he came up he greeted us outside that this was his place for sure,” Eric told We Love Animals.

Jax’s new family admired him for his ability to forgive and love humans after all the hardships and abuse he went through in his previous home.

They feel blessed to have Jax in their lives.

“He was more of a blessing to us than what we are to him in my book. He’s our joy every day that we wake up… He deserves to have a good life,” Eric added.

Jax lives his best life in Florida. His eyes sparkle with immeasurable happiness because he is loved like never before.