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The Incredible Recovery Of The Little Abandoned Pup With Frostbite Brings His Rescuer To Tears 

The Incredible Recovery Of The Little Abandoned Pup With Frostbite Brings His Rescuer To Tears 

Being an animal rescuer is one of the most fulfilling jobs a hooman can have. Seeing an animal go from being terrified and alone to having a loving family and a good life can brighten the grayest day.

One incredible rescuer loved her job so much that she got in the habit of checking the sides of the roads whenever she was driving, looking if any stray animal needed her help.

Many times, she would spot something, thinking that it was an animal, and then she would drive until she found an exit, turn back, and drive to the spot where she saw it, only for it to end up being a box on a bag.

But, even with these false alarms, the rescuer continued being on the lookout for strays.

Pup In The Ravine

dog on a field
Source: Animal Rescue

One day, the rescuer was driving down a busy highway when she spotted something brown in a ravine between the two roads.

However, this time, it wasn’t a box – it was actually a terrified doggo who was trembling from the cold looking for a shelter to get himself warmed up.

The rescuer immediately picked the pup up and got him in her car. Since the pup had a collar on, it was most likely that he was abandoned, but it didn’t matter anymore – the only important thing was that he was safe and warm now.

dog sitting on a snow
Source: Animal Rescue

After driving for nine hours, the rescuer and the pup finally got to a vet clinic.

He immediately received a thorough checkup in which the vets determined that he injured his hind leg. They also found out that he had eaten some bones that were now in his rectum – something that was now affecting his appetite.

The pup, now named Pea, conducted an ultrasound that proved that he had a pelvic fracture. Luckily, it did not require surgery but they did have to restrict Pea’s movements so that it could properly heal up on its own.

owner petting his black dog
Source: Animal Rescue

Unfortunately, the biggest problem was food. Pea refused to eat any food whatsoever, was vomiting from time to time, and was unable to go to the bathroom.

The doctors determined that this was due to pain, stress, and inflammation in his stomach. Since it was important that he was on constant observation, Pea had to be left in the hospital.

Long Way Ahead

After some more tests, it was determined that Pea had a rupture somewhere in his genitourinary system and had to be taken to surgery immediately.

Unfortunately, there were actually two ruptures, one in the urethra and one in the ureteral. Pea had a urethroplasty, but after a couple of days, the vets did an ultrasound on him and saw issues with general urinalysis.

guy healing a dog
Source: Animal Rescue

Pea was now suffering from inflammation in the renal pelvis and in the ureter and was no longer able to urinate.

The pup was trying his best to stay strong but he still refused to eat. Eventually, after 16 days at the clinic, Pea started eating on his own but he was still unable to pee, so the vets had no choice but to put him on a catheter.

He also had an expansion of the renal pelvis and ureter, so his vets had to do constant ultrasounds to make sure he wasn’t in critical condition.

dog with blue shirt
Source: Animal Rescue

In The Clear 

After twenty days, things started to look so much better. His life was no longer in danger, and everybody could finally relax.

A couple of days later, Pea was taken in for another ultrasound, which determined that he made a full recovery!

He was finally able to become a foster pup in a family who showered him with nothing but love and affection.

He now has the biggest appetite and cleans up every bowl of food that is handed to him.

dog laying in a dogs bed
Source: Animal Rescue

I am sure that in no time, Pea will become a part of a wonderful and loving forever family that will never allow anything remotely similar to happen to this little angel.

He is one of the strongest pups I have ever come across, and he deserves only the best things life can offer – I sure hope he gets them!