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Adorable Puppy Was Kicked Out Of The House Into The Cold Weather Trying Her Best To Survive

Adorable Puppy Was Kicked Out Of The House Into The Cold Weather Trying Her Best To Survive

I have seen many instances where dogs are abandoned or left in some backwater by their owners to starve.

However, there is just something heartbreaking about the dog in this story who was kicked out by her owner, and he didn’t let her back in.

The poor puppy didn’t understand what was going on or if she was going to be let back in, but I think she eventually realized she was abandoned by the person who previously cared for her.

Today, we will talk about the amazing rescuer who managed to give this sweet dog a new chance to start her life over.

Alone And Terrified

cute brown puppy with red sweater
Source: Paws Show

After the kind people were notified about Alessia, the puppy, they wasted no time and went to save her from the freezing weather.

When they found her, the rescuers could just tell that she was heartbroken by the fact that she was abandoned and didn’t know what to do.

She was left on her own for two days, and in that time, Alessia did her best to try and survive, but it was hard for her as nobody would help her.

They decided to take her to a warm and safe place where she could rest for a bit and recuperate.

Alessia was given some food and water and it became quickly apparent that it had been a while since her last decent meal.

cute puppy with cute shirt
Source: Paws Show

The puppy was still so frightened and just wanted somebody who would not abandon her to give her a new chance.

Her rescuer had taken her to a veterinarian clinic, where she received a checkup to see if anything was wrong with her.

They found out that Alessia was infested with fleas and ticks and needed some treatment.

However, what they didn’t know was when she managed to end up like this. There is a possibility that her previous owner neglected her and left her outside.

That would certainly account for how she was infested with fleas and ticks so much. It is likely that it happened over a longer period of time. 

Alessia’s Bravery

two dogs in the car
Source: Paws Show

Theories aside, she was now going to recover a lot better with some antibiotics, which she would have to take for a while.

Now that she is back in the house with her amazing rescuer, she has begun to heal. Alessia is already changing so much now that she knows nobody is going to abandon her.

She has already made some friends with the other dogs and cats in the house, and they have grown very fond of her.

Her owner makes sure that she goes out on walks regularly and explores all sorts of new environments.

puppy with scarf
Source: Paws Show

With each day, Alessia was healing so much and was starting to become more cheerful and outgoing.

Her life had changed so much in such a short amount of time, and everything was going well for her this time around.

In the end, Alessia’s wonderful new owner has shown once again that it doesn’t take much to help an animal in need. 

All they want is a loving home with somebody who will care for them, and she has given them all that. I wish her all the best.