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Sweet Pup Who Never Had A Name Just Wants To Find A Loving Home With Someone Special

Sweet Pup Who Never Had A Name Just Wants To Find A Loving Home With Someone Special

Not all dogs have the opportunity to live happily ever after inside a loving home, far away from uncertainty. Many of our four-legged buddies spend their lives hoping that day will finally come… but it never does.

In the vast sea of stories of neglect, one hopeful pair of eyes peaked from his kennel, waiting to be spotted by someone. He spent so much time in a city pound, the facility where stray doggos are kept until they are finally claimed by their owners.

But, he was not claimed. Nor did he have a family to come and pick him up. All he ever had in this world was hope. 

A Heartbreaking Rescue

a shelter dog
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Thanks to the giant-hearted people of Howl Of A Dog, this 10-year-old dog was finally found in one of the kennels. He was calmly sitting there, expressing no emotions with his gentle demeanor. But, boi, his eyes were talking

If they could speak, they would definitely say something like: “Please, save me, hoomans. I’m not feeling very good!”

He was extremely emaciated and evidently had many health issues.

“We rescued this dog from the city pound, he was emaciated and injured, and sadly, has never received any medical care there,” the Howl Of A Dog team wrote in a Facebook post.

The most heartbreaking thing of all was – he didn’t have a name. He only had an ear tag, indicating that until that day, he was just a number.

Facing Multiple Health Issues

poor dog looking at woman
Source: Howl Of A Dog

The caring volunteers brought the pup into their facility, and for the first time ever, they gave him hope… and a name! He was now officially named Timmy. 

Unfortunately, Timmy’s situation was not ideal. His coat was covered in fleas and lice, and his fur was matted and needed to be shaved completely. 

Additionally diagnosed with anaplasmosis, a bacterial tick-borne disease resulting in severe lethargy, decreased appetite, and dehydration, Timmy felt really weak. Other than that, he had gastroenteritis and an old fracture on his leg.

He lived with that pain for years, yet he never stopped hoping that his better days would come.

hairless dog outdoor
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Thanks to the people who didn’t give up on him, Timmy was finally able to walk on the grass for the first time ever. Living in captivity, in a narrow, concrete kennel, he was never able to taste freedom. But, now he was finally there!

With proper treatment and care, he felt better with every new day. He slowly came out of his shell and started eating normally again. 

Underneath those scars from the past blossomed a brand-new pup who was eager to take on new life adventures. Timmy was definitely full of life, but he never had the chance to show how adorable of a pup he was… until now!

He’s No Longer Just A Number

dog sitting still on the floor
Source: Howl Of A Dog

After all this time, it is safe to say that Timmy is no longer just a number! He now has his name, a story, and a big group of friends who’ll take care of him until he finds a proper home.

He has been neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. Now, it is only a matter of time before this sweet boi meets his forever hoomans and charms them with just the sweetest personality.

It is absolutely safe to say that when he does, he will make an incredible companion!