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Pup Attacked By A Pack Of Dogs Was Seriously Injured Before Rescuers Noticed His Misfortune

Pup Attacked By A Pack Of Dogs Was Seriously Injured Before Rescuers Noticed His Misfortune

Life for a typical stray dog can be very cruel and full of struggle. Many times, we just assume that the only thing they need is food to be okay.

However, what we often ignore is the fact that a lot of them likely get either abused or attacked more often than not. And, that is just horrible.

This poor pup was attacked by a pack of big dogs and suffered some serious injuries. After that, he retreated to a safe place where he rested for a bit. 

Luckily, his luck would turn for the better when a rescuer noticed his misfortune and decided to intervene.

A Lucky Break

attacked puppy
Source: Paws Show

As soon as his rescuers arrived at the scene, they were shocked by his appearance. He had sustained quite a few injuries, and he was also deaf.

The man just couldn’t believe how something like this could happen to a dog this sweet, but he had no time to think about that.

He had to get him to a safe place, so he grabbed the dog, now named Hercules, and took him to a veterinarian clinic.

After receiving a checkup, they found that his ears were chewed on, and he had quite a few infections as well.

injured dog recovering
Source: Paws Show

Additional problems were swelling and malnourishment as this pup likely hasn’t eaten in a very long time.

The rescuer also found that the dog had a thick chain around his neck, which meant that at some point, he was living his life in isolation and couldn’t move a lot.

After the vets were done with their tests, they focused on stabilizing the dog with IV fluids, antibiotics, and pain medication.

Hercules Was Going To Recover

people and sweet white dog
Source: Paws Show

Hercules was in a lot of pain, but his vets were making sure that things would improve soon enough.

They also did an X-ray to see if they could find anything else, and the results were absolutely shocking. He had a screw inside his stomach.

He must have been starving for so long that he ate it because he had nothing else. It’s just horrible to even think about what he must have been through.

Hercules will likely undergo several surgeries as they are necessary to help him be a healthy dog again.

In the meantime, he is being cared for by his amazing rescuer. His health is improving with each passing day and his mood has also changed.

dog sitting in the car
Source: Paws Show

He is a lot happier now that he knows there are people taking care of him and he wants to play with them all the time.

They all love him so much and are constantly taking Hercules on many new adventures. He is completely amazed by everything he sees and loves exploring new environments.

He is so friendly to everyone he meets. It’s really amazing to see just how unchanged he remained in his attitude toward humans despite being mistreated before.

It’s unusual for many dogs to recover from such a traumatic experience in the way that Hercules did. I am glad that he got the second chance.

Hercules is indeed a very special pup who deserves all the best in his life and I hope he continues living his life with the most amazing people who rescued him.