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An Affectionate And Loyal Pup Surrendered To A Shelter Hopes To Find Humans Who Will Never Give Up On Him

An Affectionate And Loyal Pup Surrendered To A Shelter Hopes To Find Humans Who Will Never Give Up On Him

When we hug our dogs for the first time and welcome them into our lives, we promise them that they will be by our side for better or worse. Our canines feel safe, and they know that our home is the place where they belong.

Sadly, some owners who decide to welcome a dog to their home don’t think it through, and they end up surrendering their dogs and hurting their feelings.

Drake, a sweet and faithful dog, experienced one of the biggest heartbreaks in his life after his family surrendered him to Prince George’s County Animal Shelter in Maryland because they didn’t have time for him.

Hurt and confused, the adorable Drake didn’t understand why he lost the only home he ever knew.

The Rescue Steps In

The shelter staff and volunteers welcomed Drake, showering him with affection and comforting him.

Ilona, a volunteer at the shelter and foster for various rescues, remembers the first time she saw Drake.

“The first thing that caught my eye about him was how he looks. He’s got that big old head and a big grin and this muscly little body,” Ilona told GeoBeats Animals

Drake loved his shelter friends and always greeted them with a wagging tail and a wide smile on his adorable face.

Unfortunately, there is a ban on owning Pit Bulls in Prince George’s County, and Drake couldn’t be adopted by anyone in the county. 

He was at a high risk of being put down in order to free space at the overcrowded shelter.

When Drake’s name ended up on the euthanasia list, one of the shelter employees knew he had to do something to save the precious pup. 

They reached out to Vindicated Pit Bull Rescue, asking them if they could rescue Drake. The rescue agreed and pulled the doggo out of the shelter.

Drake spent a few days at a temporary foster home, and then he moved to his full-time foster family, who couldn’t foster him long-term due to a family emergency.

The charming pup was brought back to his temporary foster. 

Drake Goes Through Another Disappointment

Soon, the rescue received the best news. The loving dog had an adopter. He was excited and overjoyed to move in with his family. 

Unfortunately, Drake’s doggy sibling didn’t accept him into the family. Three weeks later, Drake’s adoptive family decided to give him up and return him to the rescue.

Upon his return, the pup started showing signs of anxiety.

The doggo needed a loving foster family that could give him stability and help him heal his emotional wounds.

The rescue called Ilona. They told her that Drake’s adoptive family surrendered him and asked her if she could foster the doggo.

A Foster Home Filled With Love

Ilona and her husband decided to take him in. They had a small baby and their own dog, Honey Pie, but they were resolved to do whatever it took to make it work.

When Drake arrived at their home, he was under-socialized and unsure of everything.

The rescue reached out to the founder of Dog Latin Dog Training and Behavior Consulting to make sure that Drake got great care for his anxiety

As he began receiving the necessary training and a lot of love from his family, Drake started trusting his foster family and gaining confidence. He felt much better.

Drake looked up to Honey Pie and imitated her behavior. The two pups became great friends, and they enjoyed going on walks together.

The doggo is extremely affectionate, and he loves giving kisses to his foster family.

“He really loves my husband, which is great. Then he loves our baby so much. They have an incredible bond,” Ilona added.

His little foster sister often feeds Drake while he patiently sits under her high chair.

The Pup Hopes To Find His Forever Family

close-up photo of dog
Source: Ali Clark

In November of 2023, Vindicated Pit Bull Rescue shared on Facebook that Drake was transferred to Laila’s Legacy Animal Rescue.

Drake remained in the care of Ilona and her family. They treasure the time they spend with the doggo, and they love him very much.

“Drake, I love every moment with you. And in so many ways, you’ve made me a better foster mom and a better person from spending time with you,” Ilona said.

Ilona and her husband want to continue fostering more dogs. It’s their life’s purpose. They feel that they wouldn’t be able to foster more dogs if they kept Drake.

We hope that this loving Maryland boi will find his forever family who will adore him like he deserves and who will never give up on him.

Drake will shower them with kisses and the love he saved only for them.